MEET & GREET with Q&A is a 2-hour group Q&A with Casting Director, Katrina Cook. 


WHO:  Any Talent, new or seasoned 

WHAT: Q&A / Meet & Greet

WHEN: Monday Aug 26, 2019



  • 7:00-9:00 PM

SESSION FEE: $50 per Ticket, 1 Ticket per person, Buy 2 Tickets & Save $10 on 2nd Ticket. 

WHERE: Restaurant Private Room in North Dallas / Addison 

WHY: Setting aside 1 evening to meet with you & answer your questions. Questions can be anything related to Casting, Auditions, Extra work. This is a group Q&A and each participant will get to introduce themself and ask 1 question at a time until the time is up. If you have extensive questions I recommend scheduling a private consultation instead. 


IS THIS A CLASS? This is not a specific class, it will cover a wide range of topics based on questions that are asked. It's likely that you gain a larger variety & more applicable info during this M&G than in 3 or 4 specialized classes. 


Why isn't this free? If you want free advice you can google, ask your friends, ask fellow actors, ask your agent, or ask your acting coach (which is not really free either), but if you want professional guidance from someone who is on the deciding end of the spectrum, no sitting in the same spot that you are --  then that information is proprietary, and it's not free. 



  • This is for Talent I already know or do not yet know
  • This is for Talent that lives anywhere within driving distance of Addison (Dallas) Texas
  • This is a Meet & Greet  Q&A to give you the opportunity to ask me questions in an appropriate setting, get honest answers,  professional guidance,  and pitch yourself for future opportunities
  • Worried about question hogs? No worries! We go around the room and each person asks ONE question at a time until the time is up. We do not allow one person to continuously ask all the questions unless everyone else has finished. 
  • First come basis, once we hit max capacity, signup is cut off
  • Appropriate for Adults & Child Actors 
  • Registration = 1 Admission.
  • BUY 2 & SAVE: Discounted 2nd ticket when purchased together. Save $10 on your 2nd Ticket when you add 2 in your cart & use promo code: BUY2
  • PARENTS: Parents may elect to attend in place of their minor child. If attending with a child actor please use promo code below to save on your 2nd ticket.
  • I hope you enjoy this time that I am setting aside to get to know YOU! 



Meet & Greet - Q&A (In person)

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  • Meet & Greet Q&A. Each attendee will introduce themselves & be able to ask Casting Director Katrina Cook questions and get honest answers and professional guidance. 


  • No refunds. Reschedule only.