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Details ... Details ... Details....

Lately I have been having a lot of talent submitting for projects BEFORE they take the time to read all the info.... the DETAILS... in particular the LOCATION or other important info.

I am not sure how much plainer I can post it, I put the town, the state, and sometimes even the zip code. The date and specs are specifically listed. So with all of those details .... WHY am I still am having a huge amount of actors who respond to the casting and then they end up not following through? They decline because they didn't "realize it was in xxxx " or didn't "realize it was local hire" or "non-union" or whatever detail they didn't bother to consider BEFORE saying they were availble for the project.... basically .... they do not respect my time, and just submit for anything and everything without even bothering to see if they fit, they can do it, or where it is.

This takes time on my end to review the submission, read the resume, add you to the list for audition or video request, send you the email, then read your lousy excuse of an email of why you can't do it, and then delete you from the pending list, AFTER making a note of "unreliable" on your profile for me to remember for next time.

Frustrating! Seriously......

If I take the time to put all the info out there, I expect you to take the time to review the details, and ONLY submit if you are available for booking. If you are one of those who think you will send me your stuff just so I can keep you in mind for next time, I won't .... castings are fast and I don't have time to sort through actors who aren't avaiable for immediate booking.

I understand that there are times that the details are not clear. But as an Actor, it's your job to READ all details and if you can do it, RESPOND. IF you can't, DON"T RESPOND. Just wait until next time.

I do post on various casting sites, and I try to restrict access to the specific areas, but if you live in NYC you should be conscience of what the details are, and the locations, and then submit accordingly. All details are listed, look for them!

Thank you for your assistance in reading the details and only submitting when you can TRULY be booked.


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