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Auditions: CIY- The Letters PAID$$

PROJECT NAME: The Letters PRODUCTION COMPANY: Christ in Youth Productions (CIY) FILM TYPE: Short Film CASTING DIRECTOR: Katrina Cook, KatzKasting DIRECTOR: MD Neely

NOTE: Do NOT contact the Director by phone or email. This will EXCLUDE you from all castings if you do this. The ONLY way to submit is by following the directions below. No phone calls!

USAGE: Video Promos for CIY's Live National Events

PAY: Paid $$ (see each role for detailed information)

TRAVEL: Included (see below)

HOTEL: Provided (all roles)

AUDITIONS: Video Auditions ONLY, upon request.

Previous Projects we have Cast for CIY: The Presence: Truthpaste:

Shooting dates: Week of April 4th or Week of April 11th. 3 shooting days

Shooting location: Joplin, MO or Muskogee, OK. Film is a single location shoot

Prefer those talent who live withing DRIVING DISTANCE of Joplin,MO or Muskogee, OK.

LEAD ROLES: (includes travel / hotel)

  • Lizzy - HS student, look/play age 14-18, open to all ethnicities 2-3 days shooting (Pay $250/day ($210 rate + $40 Agency Fee) ) speaking role

  • Granddad - (for flashbacks and for Voice Over) 65-70 years old. Must be very comfortable interacting with Little Lizzy. 1-2 days shooting (Pay $250/day ($210 rate + $40 Agency Fee) )speaking role/VO

SUPPORTING ROLES: (travel reimbursement & hotel provided)

  • Mom - 40-45 years old, 1/2 shooting (Pay $175/half day ($150 rate + $25 Agency Fee) speaking role

  • Grandmom - (for flashback) 65-70 years old. 1/2 day shooting, must be comfortable crying in Granddad’s arms and hugging him. (Pay $175/half day ($150 rate + $25 Agency Fee) non speaking role

FEATURED EXTRA: LOCAL HIRE ONLY. No travel expenses paid. Hotel negotiable, if needed.

  • Little Lizzy - FEATURED EXTRA ROLE. Female, 6-8 years old, needs to look like HS Lizzy. 2-3 half days of shooting (Pay $100/day - No Agency Fee included) Non speaking role but will need to be comfortable and interact with Granddad.


MODIFIED LOCAL HIRE. Travel reimbursement ($250 max) & hotel provided for Lizzie/Mom/Grandmom/Grandad ONLY.

TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: up to $250 reimbursement per role for travel. Students unable to travel by themselves who must be accompanied by an adult receive $250 max reimbursement TOTAL. (travel booking is the responsibility of talent)

INCLUDED: Hotel, breakfast and lunch on day of filming, craft services on day of filming. NOT INCLUDED: Dinner, or any other meals outside the filming day. We do not pay per diem. Transportation to and from set is responsibility of talent.

AUDITIONS BY VIDEO ONLY. Videos must be received no later than Feb 9 to be considered. Professional or self-tape videos accepted.


To submit: 1. Go to 2. Click LOGIN or New Talent 3. Click EVENTS 4. Locate the Event and reply CONFIRMED. (The NOTE must include what ROLE you are applying for) 5. If you are selected to move forward in the Casting process you will receive a specific Audition invite that will include the Sides/Scenes for the Video Audition, along with detailed instructions. 6. You must upload the Video Audition to the Audition Invite (details sent to those who are selected). 7. If you are not selected to move forward, you will not receive an audition invite. Do not follow up, email me, or call me.

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director

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