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CASTING NOTICE: Justifying Able

Katz Kasting Casting Notice:

NOTE: Email Submissions are not accepted. Submissions are ONLY accepted via the directions at the bottom of this post.

Project Name; Justifying Able Production Company: Reel Way Productions Producer/Director: Mary Beth McDaniel Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting

Project Type: Feature Film / Drama Union Status: SAG ULB

PAY: $125 per day. (SAG Scale) TRAVEL: Provided (see details below) HOTEL: Provided (see details below)

Days Needed: TBA

Film Dates: Dec 2016

Shoot Location: Dallas, TX (area)

Union & Non-Union Actors may apply. Serious Actors Only. Do NOT APPLY If you are incapable of doing a video audition!

Video Auditions for first round of Casting. While we are starting casting early, and accepting video auditions NOW (you will be given a 1 week video audition turnaround time)... Callbacks won't be until Summer 2016. Callbacks in Dallas, TX and NYC. If you make the callback list and live outside those 2 areas, we will make exceptions at that time.

Character Breakdown: (Film set in Chicago, but filmed in Dallas)

LEAD ROLE: (Travel, lodging provided) ABLE - Female, early 20's, (must be at least 18 years old to apply) african american or mixed black/white, will consider hispanic or caucasian. Young single mother. A troubled and abused young mother striving for a relationship with her son and a better life. She is looking for love in all the wrong places. Forced to a life of prostitution by her abusive boyfriend, which leads her in to the hand of a rapist. When she manages to escape and goes crawling back to her parents house, they turn their back on her and she is left out in the cold. In order to make it through, she must choose between life on the streets and the love for her son. Joins the military. Character notes: insinuated nudity running down the street wearing a nude pregnant bodysuit. Wearing pregnant bodysuit. Wet/Rainy weather conditions for several scenes. Military training needed. Must know how to carry yourself as a soldier & hold a military weapon.

SUPPORTING ROLES: (Travel/lodging provided)

GABE - Male, mid to late 20's, african american or mixed black/white, will consider hispanic or caucasian. Able's older, streetwise, hustler brother. Gabe sexually abused Able when she was little and he holds a grudge against her. Envious of her life's turn around.

CLAYBORN PICKENS- Male, 49, african american or mixed black/white, will consider hispanic or caucasian. a hard working carpenter. Able & Gabe's Father. Intelligent, strong sense of responsibility, wants nothing but peace. He loves his daughter, but for him, his wife holds a secret over his head, and keeps him from a connection with his daughter. Owns a carpentry business, building cabinets. His main duty is to provide for his family. He loves his family, but his wife is overbearing and prevents him from showing any true love for his daughter.

GLORIA PICKENS- Female, 45, african american or mixed black/white, will consider hispanic or caucasian.. George's wife, and Able & Gabe's mother. Favors Gabe over Able. Sassy, Tough, Cocky, Stern. She is somewhat of a dictator, she holds all the cards in her hands. If it doesn't fo her way, it's no way. A bitter woman, and willing to do anything to hurt and make Able's life a living hell.

LAYKIM - Male, Late 20's-Mid 30's. african american or mixed black/white, will consider hispanic or caucasian. Tall, nicely built. Good shape. Athletic. A Chicago Police Officer and later Able's boyfriend. He is Able's savior, there to protect and serve. He shows her truth about her situation and she later falls for his empowerment.

Local hire roles will be announced at a later date.

AUDITIONS BY VIDEO ONLY. Professional or self-tape videos accepted.

NO PHONE CALLS. NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS. If you want to be considered you must submit through KatzKasting database.

To submit: 1. Go to 2. Click LOGIN or New Talent 3. Click EVENTS 4. Locate the Event and reply YES 5. If you are selected to move forward in the Casting process you will receive a specific Audition invite that will include the Sides/Scenes for the Video Audition, along with detailed instructions. 6. You must upload the Video Audition to the Audition Invite (details sent to those who are selected). 7. If you are not selected to move forward, you will not receive an audition invite. Do not follow up, email me, or call me.

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director

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