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On set of - The Breakdown

Diane Ladd

James Denton

John Schneider

Jenn Gotzon & Danette Linicomn


Sylvester Stallone


Eric Roberts


“Bad Kids Go to Hell” generates a surprising amount of suspense….. the well-cast players — especially Duke and Stewart — offer performances that neatly balance sincerity and exaggeration, in keeping with the pic’s overall semi-satirical tone.”  - Joe Leydon, Variety


Casting Director: Katrina Bolen (pka Katrina Cook) 


Katrina Bolen is a Casting Director and the owner of KatzKasting. While based in Texas, Katrina's work is scattered across the USA.


She casts both principal and background actors for films, music videos, television shows, commercials, and new media projects.


Katrina casts a diverse range of projects including numerous family films and faith-based projects.


Recent projects include a TV Series for Pure Flix "Sons of Thunder," "Assassin 33 AD," "90 Feet From Home," "Send it! Kiteboarding movie," "The Reliant," and commercials for clients such as Madden sports, American Express, UPS and Ben E Keith.


Katrina has cast films for notable directors such as James Franco, Tucker Gates (Entourage/Bates Motel/House of Cards), Ben Browder (Guardians of the Galaxy, 2/Farscape/Stargate), Terrence Malick (Tree of Life/Thin Red Line), Garry Brown (Agents of SHIELD/Prison Break/Breakout Kings), and Mike Norris ( Hawaii 5-0/Walker TX Ranger).


Katrina’s credits contain feature films across the USA: including Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, California & Texas.


Her television credits include commercials for American Express, UPS, and Ben E Keith, along with shows such as "Entourage," "Sweet Home Alabama", "The Bachelor" and projects that have aired on NETFLIX, Hulu, Itunes, ABC, CBS, HBO, FOX, BET, Lifetime, SYFY, and A&E.


Katrina regularly casts for CIY (Christ in Youth) out of Missouri, and is always on the lookout for new kids and adults with a passion for acting!


Katz Kasting offers workshops for both kids & adults to help talent gain confidence and prepare for professional auditions. Participants have stated that these workshops "are invaluable for new & emerging talent."


Katrina regularly travels the US scouting for talent at various guest workshops, showcase venues, and film festivals.


Katrina's IMDB Profile

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