Casting Calls

We are hired by the Production Company to cast speaking roles & extras for films of all types and genres. 



- Kids Films

- Faith Based Films

- Dark Comedies

- Horror Movies

- Indie Films

- Commercials

- Music Videos

- and More! 


We work with talent agents as well as those without representation. 


If you would like to be notified of upcoming castings, make sure you Register with KatzKasting's database.


Click the "Join Database" button at the top of this page & then selecting "New Talent" or follow this link. Registration for the mailing list is FREE. 


To View the Most up to date listing of Castings, view the BLOG link above. 

To access the old blog:


You must create a free profile in the KatzKasting database and include at least the 2 free photos in order to submit to my castings outside of your agent. 


You are still encouraged to create a profile in my new database even if you have an agent. This will allow you to get mailing list messages, as well as quick castings, and other castings that are too late minute to send through the agency casting sites.