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Actor Feedback & Critiques with Casting Director, Katrina Cook.  


I offer 3 Types of Feedback & Critiques:

1. VIDEO AUDITION CRITIQUE- whether it's one of my video audition requests, or for someone else, I will give you a 1-2 paragraph critique of your video audition. (Linkable videos only, no downloads) Areas Critiqued:  Overall look & quality, framing, Professionalism, delivery of lines, connection to the role, non-verbal communication,  physical appearance (wardrobe choice/hair/makeup/etc), and feelings & emotions portrayed. I will give your video a numerical rating from 1-10 based on the liklihood of me giving you a callback audition based on this video.  (1= highly unlikely, 10= definitely) Feedback -Areas of Improvement: I will give you  several suggestions for improvement on the above areas to make a better audition.


2. DEMO REEL CRITIQUE - Want me to review your demo reel and give you my thoughts and suggestions to make it more effective?  Numerical critique based on several areas, including strongest clip at beginning, and suggested order of clips.  


3. Headshot/Resume Critique- Numerical critique (1-10) Areas critiqued: Professionalism, Industry Standard, Eye catching, Physical appearance  (wardrobe/ hair/ makeup/ eyes), Resume design & format, information available, and tips on making it better. 2015


CRITIQUE RATES: $40  per critique


You must pay in advance by clicking the PAY NOW button to the left of this page.  If you are requesting more than 1 critique, please email me for a combined invoice. Please allow 7 days for the return of your critique.


Once you send the payment, please use the contact form tosend an email to AUDITIONS@KATZKASTING.COM and put "Critique" in the subject or use the critique request form to the right of this page.  Include your name, as well as the name listed with your paypal payment. Include a link to your uploaded video audition, either on youtube or vimeo. 


DISCLAIMER: Critiques are my opinion only, and based on my 14 years of casting experience and seeing literally thousands of headshots/resumes/demo reels/video and in person auditions. I have cast many paid speaking roles from video auditions, as well as live auditions. By requesting a critique, this does not guarantee that you will be cast in any role in the future. Do your best in all auditions, always trying to improve, and in due time, you will see improvements and start booking.