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Professional, private & personal critiques offered by Casting Director, Katrina Cook, owner of Katz Kasting.


You have a great headshot! You landed an audition! You spent hours studying and prepping! You have the perfect self tape setup / or got it done professionally. You nailed it! But then you never heard anything back from casting. The words resound through your mind WHY???? 


Another one of the most popular questions I am asked about is feedback on an actor's audition. 


Keep in mind that I literally watch hundreds of video auditions every show, so unless I watched it an hour ago or you were cast for the role, it's likely I don't remember and can not give you useful feedback. 


Now is your opportunity to get that audition feedback! 


This is for those that want to

#1 get audition feedback

#2 improve their audition skills / technique. 


I've watched literally thousands of AUDITIONS over the years. Back to back. Role by Role. What keeps it all from becoming ONE BIG BLUR?


This combined critique/consultation is designed to HELP YOU get the most out of your AUDITION / SELF TAPE that you have worked so hard to put together!


This is a 2-part Critique!

1. You will schedule a 1 hour Critique Consultation

2.  I will send you a Scene.  (suggested 2 day prep for best results - since a lot of auditions give you 2-day turnaround)

3. You will choose if you want the critique to be of a Self Tape OR Live Audition.

  • Self tape - you will film with your normal setup as you would any audition you do. You will email to me at least 2 days in advance for me to review / put together my thoughts.
  • Live Audition - If you prefer doing a live audition critique - you will prep and show up (as you would a real audition) at our designated meeting time prepared and ready to "audition."

4. We will meet online at the scheduled time to discuss my thoughts on your audition self tape (or live performance) and suggestions on how to create an audition that captures attention and is able to go to work for you! You may ask any questions relating to AUDITION/PREP at this time.



AUDITION CRITIQUE DISCLAIMER -This is not an actual audition for anything, it's a practice audition to help you with your future audition submissions.


ZOOM ONLINE CHATS. Will receive a link to click at your designated consultation time. Must have internet connection, microphone & video capabilities. If you prefer a phone call, that works too!



Audition Critique Consultation

$100.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • 1 hour private critique consultation with Casting Director Katrina Cook by video chat. 

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