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About Katrina Cook

Who We Are

Katrina Cook is the owner of Katz Kasting. She loves attending events to meet new faces! If you received a Callback, it means that we see potential in you and would like to have you in our database for future opportunities! 


Katz Kasting is a Casting Director, not a Talent Agent. We work directly for various production companies finding talent (speaking roles and extras) for their Film, TV, Commercial, Industrial, Music Video, any type of project needing talent! 

We work with talent both with an agent and without an agent. 

Make sure you check your "Updates" tab if using Gmail as sometimes it sends the database/casting info to this tab rather than your main inbox! 


Connect With Us

Make sure you are in the database so you can be notified of upcoming opportunities with Katz Kasting! If you aren't on the mailing list, you will not even know about jobs that may fit you!

See the "BLOG" link at the top of this page to view active castings! Once in the database, you will also receive an email when new castings are released. 

To submit to active castings, please read the "submit" details at the bottom of each project! 

Non-Active profiles receive emails & can submit online, once you Activate your profile your photo will be shown on the "Featured Talent" page and Directors/Producers can search for you in the database! When you are ready for the next step, don't forget to activate your profile!! 


Training Available

We offer a variety of Workshops, Consultations & Classes to help train you and get you ready to take your acting career to the next level! How far you go is up to you! Sign up for an upcoming Workshop or Event near you! Use promo code: KATZ25 to get $25 off an upcoming workshop in Dallas or Houston. 

Click the "ACTORS" link at the top of this page to read more about what's available for actors!

Recommended for New Actors:

  • Meet & Greet to get your "newbie" questions answered

  • Workshop to work on your audition skills

  • Private consultation if you want a 30-min to 1 hour one-on one with Katrina Cook

  • On-Set Etiquette online class if you have never been on set before. 


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