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Taking classes from a Casting Director who sees you from a different lens than an agent/manager or acting teacher can be quite valuable to a working actor. This allows you to gain a diferent perspective that can only come from "behind the casting table." 


Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck or just new with no idea on what to do next? Quit spinning in circles and wasting your money on "get famous quick" schemes. These classes are designed to give you information that you can use that will get you on the right track and learning the process of this business without spending hours sorting through google looking for free info. If you are ready to take control of your acting career - I can guide you! 


Take advantage of these scheduled Group Classes at a discounted rate for the designated dates listed with each class during the month of APRIL 2020.


These classes are all (30-minute) GROUP ONLINE VIDEO classes with Casting Director Katrina Cook revolving around a specific theme or subject in regards to Acting / Casting / Auditioning. You may list these classes on your Acting Resume under "Training." This information is invaluable for new talent, and will save you hours of research on your own! I will give you specific details, guidelines and directions on what to do, where to go, and a step by step guide on how to begin on your journey. Don't forget your notebook and pen, you will have many notes to take!


NOTE: All of these classes are available as a private class at the regular rate. 


RATE: $30 PER CLASS / To select multiple classes, add 1 to cart and then come back to this page and add the next one and so on. 


NOTE: Central Time Zone (Texas) if you do not live in Texas, please adjust your calendar accordingly


Available ONLINE VIDEO Classes: 

  • QUARANTINED: This class discusses things you should be doing to empower your acting career during your quarantined stay-at-home time. 30 minute session.  



  • CLASS 4:  The Video Audition SELF-TAPE. Video auditions are very popular, and are requested on every "speaking roles" project as a first round. Whether you want to get it done professionally or Do-It-Yourself, this class will help you be prepared, and make a professional submission that is competitive with all the other video auditions we will receive. Learn the tips you need to do-it-yourself, while keeping your submission professional. Purpose, Preparing, Filming, Sending ... the basics of the Virtual (Video) Audition. (30 minutes/1 time)

  • GROUP CLASS: (choose 1)

  1. WED APRIL 22 @ 4:00 PM CT



  • CLASS 8: Troubleshooting. -Not booking the audition? Not booking the callback? Not booking the role? This class covers some common things that could cause you to be eliminated from consideration, including both those things that are within your control, and those that are NOT. (30 minutes/1 time) 

  • GROUP CLASS: (Choose 1)

  1. MON APRIL 20 @ 6:30PM CT



  • CLASS 9 Headshots, Resumes, Cover letters - answers all your questions about these things and your "Actors Tool Kit".  Learn how to select clothing for your headshot session, select your primary and secondary headshots, format and update your resume and pointers to help yourself stand out from the crowd. (in a good way). If you want a personal portfolio review and recommendations, please schedule a Private Class (30 minutes/1 time) 

  • GROUP CLASS: (Choose 1)

  1. WED APRIL 22 @ 6:30PM CT



  • CLASS 10: After you book the role - What happens after you book that coveted speaking role? Includes what to expect from us, what we expect from you, who is your point of contact, Table Reads, and the basic Paperwork: Deal Memos, Contracts, Releases, Call sheets, and other paperwork you need to know how to read before you arrive on set.  (30 minutes/1 time) 

  • GROUP CLASS: (Choose 1)

  1. MON APRIL 27 @ 6:30 PM CT



  • CLASS 5: Working as a LOCAL HIRE -  What does it mean when it says "LOCAL HIRE?" This class will discuss the in's & outs of working outside your home market. Including what "local hire," "modified local hire" and "Texas Hire Only" means, how they are different, and how it affects you. (30 minutes/1 time) 

  • GROUP CLASS: (Choose 1)

  1. MON APRIL 20 @ 2:00PM CT or

  2. WED APRIL 29 @ 6:30PM CT



AGES: These classes are open for all ages. We do suggest that a parent sit nearby & take notes for all children under the age of 12 so that they may get the full benefit of the class.


Payment Details: Payment is due in advance to confirm your scheduled class. You may pay for all classes at once, or one by one. You may do the classes back to back, two at a time, once a week, bi-weekly, twice a week... it's your schedule, so just let me know what works for you!


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  • ONLINE VIDEO classes are very popular because you get an info-packed session at your convenience from the comfort of your own home! The program I use is free to download and use on your cell phone/laptop/ipad. Save travel & gas! Days & times are flexible. Make your request today!