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Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck or just new with no idea on what to do next? Quit spinning in circles and wasting your money on "get famous quick" schemes. These classes are designed to give you information that you can use that will get you on the right track and learning the process of this business without spending hours sorting through google looking for free info. If you are ready to take control of your acting career - I can guide you!


These ONLINE classes are all PRIVATE one-on-one classes  with Casting Director Katrina Cook revolving around a specific theme or subject in regards to Acting / Casting / Auditioning. You may list these classes on your Acting Resume under "Training." This information is invaluable for new talent, and will save you hours of research on your own! I will give you specific details, guidelines and directions on what to do, where to go, and a step by step guide on how to begin on your journey. Don't forget your notebook and pen, you will have many notes to take!


  • Class 1: GETTING STARTED: FINDING WORK. INTRO CLASS that covers the basics of getting started. ONE HOUR CLASS. Includes: First steps, finding work, making submissions, being professional, being an extra, being on set, getting bumped up, Do's & Don'ts and much more!! Write down your questions for the Q&A at end of class. Private Class: $100 (1 HOUR) 


Also Available (Go back to the Store to locate & purchase)

  • Class 2: GETTING STARTED: Moving Beyond Extra Work Intro class that covers the basics of moving beyond extra work, and booking speaking roles. Includes: finding auditions, making submissions, finding acting teachers/classes/coaches, actors tool kit.  Private Class: $100 (1 HOUR)

  • Class 3: GETTING STARTED: AUDITION SKILLS & TECHNIQUES  Intro class that covers the basics of auditioning. ONE HOUR CLASS. Includes: Preparing, wardrobe, being professional, what to expect, in person auditions, cold reading, callbacks, follow ups and much more!! Write down your questions for the Q&A at end of class.  Private Class: $100 (1 HOUR)


AGES: These classes are open for all ages. We do suggest that a parent sit nearby & take notes for all children under the age of 12 so that they may get the full benefit of the class.


Payment Details: Payment is due in advance to confirm your scheduled class. You may pay for all classes at once, or one by one. You may do the classes back to back, two at a time, once a week, bi-weekly, twice a week... it's your schedule, so just let me know what works for you!


$100.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • ONLINE VIDEO classes are very popular because you get an info-packed session at your convenience from the comfort of your own home! The program I use is free to download and use on your cell phone/laptop/ipad. Save travel & gas! Days & times are flexible. Make your request today!

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