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Private consultations are one-on-one meetings with Casting Director, Katrina Cook.


This is for  ZOOM online 1 hour consultation only! See other options for in-person or 30-min consultations!

Testimonial: "Thanks to your advice, I am flying to Atlanta for a fitting! I was booked for the role of OR doctor for the Movie "Killing Reagan"! - Al B.


Testimonial: " This was the best consult..or even just conversation I have ever had with anyone re: MY acting career. She was candid and honest and I was able to ask her just about anything...she was amazing. " - Vicki W.


Testimonial: "Thank you for your great suggestions. I was already able to shoot a film with some students from the Art Institute of Dallas." - Blake G.


Testimonial: "...truly I have to say, it was wonderful meeting you, I gained so much knowledge and affirmation that I am going to apply to my future. " - Iza S.

2 types of Private Consultations:
--Acting/Audition Consultation - recommended for those who have questions regarding Acting, Getting Started, Auditioning, or other Casting Related questions that warrant a more detailed response.
--Acting Career Consultation - recommended for those who need guidance or feel stuck in a rut. You tell me where you are at, where you want to go, and I will help you devise a plan to get there. I will give you professional guidance and advice regarding all materials that you are currently using to market yourself.


ZOOM ONLINE CHATS. Will receive a link to click at your designated consultation time. Must have internet connection, microphone & video capabilities. If you prefer a phone call, that works too! 



[1 hour] Private Consultation with Katrina Cook

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  • 1 hour private consultation with Casting Director Katrina Cook by video chat. 

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