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Webinar: Intro to Katz Kasting

Recommended to those who are new to working with Katz Kasting. Important info that will help you make submissions, use the database, find jobs, and the online booking process. This 40 minute recorded webinar will prepare you and make submitting to future projects a breeze! 


REGISTRATION FEE: $50   (Fall Special $25) Expires Nov 30, 2016


TO SIGN UP: Click the BUY NOW link below the "Intro to Katz Kasting" Header to the right. The link to the streaming pre-recorded webinar will be sent to you in return email to the email address that the payment was sent from. If you do not receive this link, check your spam first, then send an email to to check the status. Sometimes we have email issues and it bounces back. 

Video Chat - Mini Private Consultations

Private consultations are one-on-one meetings with Casting Director, Katrina Cook.


Video Chat Minis are 30 minute online sessions. Designated time set aside just for you & your questions. 



Testimonial: "Thanks to your advice, I am flying to Atlanta for a fitting! I was booked for the role of OR doctor for the Movie "Killing Reagan"! - Al B.


Testimonial: "Thank you for your great suggestions. I was already able to shoot a film with some students from the Art Institute of Dallas." - Blake G. 


2 types of Private Consultations:

  1. Acting/Audition Consultation - recommended for those who have questions regarding Acting, Getting Started, Auditioning, or other Casting Related questions that warrant a more detailed response.

  2. Acting Career Consultation - recommended for those who need guidance or feel stuck in a rut. You tell me where you are at, where you want to go, and I will help you devise a plan to get there. I will give you professional guidance and advice regarding all materials that you are currently using to market yourself.

CONSULTATION FEE: $50 /30 minutes.   (FALL SPECIAL $40) Expires Nov 30, 2016


TO SIGN UP: Click the BUY NOW button to the right under the "Video Chat Minis" Header. You may pay with Paypal, Debit, Credit or E-check. AFTER you make your payment, use the Contact Form below the Pay Button to send your Date Request. Please include your preferred days/times (3 options in order of preference).  If you do not have a specific time requirement, please put broad ranges (ie. anytime between 2-5pm, or After 6pm) 


TO USE VIDEO CHAT: You must have an active Internet connection, video cam & microphone. No logins or signups required. You will receive a private link that you will click at your designated consultation time. This link takes you to a private Video chat room with Casting Director Katrina Cook. 


REFUNDS: No refunds. Reschedule only. 



Webinar: Audition Killers

5 Things that Actors Did that Removed them from Consideration.


We want you to do well! When I bring you in for a live audition it's because I think you are a potential candidate for this particular role. That's why it is so disheartening to see even seasoned actors make small mistakes which impact them in a large way, and ultimately results in them being removed from consideration.


Learn what not to do in your next audition. 


Recorded webinar from live broadcast. 


WEBINAR FEE: $50 Regular  (Fall Special $40) Expires Nov 30,2016


TO PURCHASE: This is a previously recorded webinar from a live broadcast. Click the BUY NOW button under the "Audition Killers" header to the right. 


Once your payment is received you will receive an email to your email address the payment came from, with the video link to view the video online (streaming) via our private link. If you do not receive this link within 48 hours of purchase, please send an email to to check the status. We may have had an error with your email,


ONLINE CLASS - On Set Etiquette (2 hours)

This 2 hour On-line Class is a required course for beginner actors. This is a comprehensive class which covers the logistics of being on set, before, during and after.


Pre-recorded class. This class is broken up into Part 1 & Part 2. Streaming link that you can watch at your convenience. 

REGISTRATION FEE: $100    (FALL SPECIAL $50) Expires Nov 30, 2016


TO REGISTER: Use the Buy Now Button to the right under the "On Set Etiquette" Header. Once payment is received you will receive the class links via email. (Email address that sent the payment). IF you do not receive this link within 24 hours, please send an email to to check the status. Many times I have emails bounce back so will need you to check in! 

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Audition Killers

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On-set Etiquette

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