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Inspiring Moments

Working on set in Nashville, TN for the Dance Network's Original Series "The Breakdown." The first few days have been amazing! I cast the Dancers and performers for the show. The first 2 days we filmed their highlight performances. It was such an enjoyable experience to be able to be on set for these days!

We started with breakdancing, with our 2 Bboys showing us some fun and exciting breakdancing moves. I learned the difference between a breakdancer and a breaker, and that was interesting!

We then saw a Tap Dancer, Hula Hoop Artist, Aerial Silks, Silk Fans, Twerking, Cheerleaders, Parkour, and wrapped it up with 2 different Fire Dancers/Troups.

It was amazing and inspiring watching all of these performances! Talent that have spent years honing their craft, so they can excel at what they do! You can see how passionate they are about entertaining, and showcasing their variety of skills. I am looking forward to more days on set! Will be back to tell you more about it!

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