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Casting Lead Roles for "The Pilate Verdict"

Now Casting -  "The Pilate Verdict"

Now casting a Proof-of-Concept that is shooting on location at Capernaum Studios, Poolville, Tx (outside of Ft Worth/Weatherford Texas) 

Seeking professional actors who are able to work modified local hire out at Capernaum Studios. If you can get yourself there, lodging and meals will be provided in the on-site lodging / big house. 

Production Company: Hummingbird Productions, Saylors Brothers Entertainment

Casting Director: Katrina Bolen - KatzKasting

Project Name: The Pilate Verdict

Project Type: Proof of Concept (POC) Short Film

Genre: Historical, Period 1st Century Roman

Distribution/Usage: To pitch to investors for the Feature Film 

Short Synopsis: Six years after the crucifixion of Jesus, Pontius Pilate was ordered

back to Rome to stand trial for his actions as Governor of Judea.

Director: Kyle Saylors, Kenny Saylors

Filming Dates: Feb/Mar 2024 (1 Day Only - During Last Week of Feb or 1st week of March)

Filming Location: Capernaum Studios, Poolville, TX

Union Status: Non-Union

Modified-Local Hire: No expenses paid, Self-report to set. If desired, lodging will be available on site with the cast/crew in the big house. Private Bed in a Shared (Same gender) Room/Bathroom. Lodging info here:

Notes: This will be shot entirely inside a studio warehouse against an LED Wall. All cast members will be given the opportunity to audition for the same role or a different role in the feature film that will be shot internationally in Rome, Italy. 

Day Rate: $500-$200 day Varies Per Role - See breakdown

Character Breakdown:


Clemens  - $500 day, Lead, Male, White, 30s-40s, Roman Jurors Consult, Lawyer, studious, ambitious trying to work his way up to become a Roman politician, Heavy dialogue

Senator Domitus - $500 day, Lead, Male, White, 50-60s, Senator, Seasoned Roman politician who is trying to make a power grab. Very mischievous and underhanded in his ways, Heavy dialogue

Pontius Pilate - $400 day, Lead, Male, White 40-50s, Roman prefect (governor) of Judaea who presided at the trial of Jesus and gave the order for his crucifixion.


Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus- $250 day, Male, 77, White, Italian, reigning emperor, on deathbed

Cornelius - $250 day, Male, 40s, White, Centurion, Roman Soldier, Stoic, head of the Roman Soldiers

Portia - $250 day, Female, 30s, White, wife of Clemons, Beautiful woman married to Clemons, driven by a desire to attain higher social status within the roman empire.

Caligula - $250 day, Male, age 24, White, appointed Roman Emperor after Tiberius death,handsome and a womanizer, scandalous and seen by most as "mad"

Procula - $250 day, Female, 30s, White or ethnically ambiguous, Pilate’s Wife, On the morning of the trial of Jesus, she sent an urgent message to her husband: 'I had a troubling dream. Do not have anything to do with this man.'

Servant - $200 day, Male, 20-30s, any european/ middle eastern ethnicity, a foreigner in Rome, a servant in the Senator’s home. 1 line. 

Court Speaker - $200 day, Male, 40s, white, Opens up the proceedings in the Roman Court. 1 line. 


To submit to this casting: 


  • Casting Networks


  • KatzKasting database ( >Login > Events > Open > Find this one > CONFIRM STATUS 

  • Casting Networks/ Actors Access

  • Only if you are unable to submit online, do not send duplicate submissions, EMAIL photo & info to KATZ@KATZKASTING.COM with subject “(Name of Project)/ (Role) ” 

Selection Process: 

  • You will be selected based on your photo and any other media you have available.

Casting ASAP


Thank you!

Katrina Bolen - Katz Kasting

Casting Director


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