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Filming in Israel "The Pilate Verdict"

International Casting [Acre, Israel] "The Pilate Verdict"

Now casting a Proof of Concept (short film) that is shooting on location in Acre, Israel.

Seeking professional actors in Israel who would be local hire.

Production Company: Hummingbird Productions, Saylors Brothers Entertainment

Casting Director: Katrina Bolen - KatzKasting

Project Name: The Pilate Verdict

Project Type: Promo, Trailer

Genre: Historical, Period 1st Century Roman

Distribution/Usage: Proof - of-concept, To pitch to investors for the Feature Film

Short Synopsis: Six years after the crucifixion of Jesus, Pontius Pilate was ordered

back to Rome to stand trial for his actions as Governor of Judea.

Director: Kyle Saylors, Kenny Saylors

Filming Dates: End of October, 2023 (1 Day Only)

Filming Location: Acre, Israel

Union Status: Non-Union

Local Hire: ISRAEL locals only. No expenses paid, Self-report to set

Day Rate: Paid, based on role

Only the lead roles will be needed the full day, all others will be less than 6 hours.


Character Breakdown:


Clemens - Lead, Male, 30s-40s, Jurors Consult, Lawyer, studious, ambitious trying to work his way up to become a Roman politician

Domitus - Lead, Male, 50-60s, Senator, Seasoned Roman politician who is trying to make a power grab. Very mischievous and underhanded in his ways.

Pontius Pilate - Lead, Male, 40-50s, Roman prefect (governor) of Judaea who presided at the trial of Jesus and gave the order for his crucifixion.


Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus- Male, 77, Italian, reigning emperor, on deathbed

Cornelius - Male, 40s, Centurion, Roman Soldier, Stoic, head of the Roman Soldiers

Portia - Female, 30s, wife of Clemons, Beautiful woman married to Clemons, driven by a desire to attain higher social status within the roman empire.

Caligula -Male, age 24, appointed Roman Emperor after Tiberius death, was admired by everyone, handsome and a womanizer in his early years.

Procula - Female, 30s, Pilate’s Wife


To submit to this casting:

EMAIL photo & info to KATZ@KATZKASTING.COM with subject “ISRAEL/ Role: ________ ”

- You must let me know if you can work locally in Acre, Israel

Selection Process:

  • You will need to do a self-tape audition to move forward in the casting process

Casting ASAP

Thank you!

Katrina Bolen - Katz Kasting

Casting Director


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