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"Kingdom Come" - Named Featured + BG, Non-Speaking (Texas)


Production Company: PAGE 1 FILMS, LLC Project Name: KINGDOM COME Project Type: Proof of Concept for Feature Film Genre: Biblical Drama, Dramatic period piece set in 1st century Israel. Usage: Marketing tool/Ministry visual aid video for international church ministries in Japan Short Synopsis: In first-century Israel, an itinerant Jewish Rabbi and his band of misfit disciples risk their very lives when they take on the entrenched religious leadership to flip the tables on the establishment and usher in the most radical story of faith, hope, and love this world has ever seen.

Producer: Brandon Page, Matthew Budds Filming Dates: Oct 19-21, 2023 Filming Location: Capernaum Studios, Peaster, Texas (Weatherford) Union Status: Non-Union LOCAL HIRE to Weatherford, TX + Meals (Self-report to set, Meals Provided on Set)


PAY RATE: $200/day Named Featured Background - Non-Speaking Role $150/day Featured Background - Non-Speaking Role $100/day Background - Non-Speaking Role


Character Breakdown:

$200/day Named Featured Background - Non-Speaking Role

  • JAMES THE APOSTLE: Male 20-30, Caucasian/Middle Eastern or similar. A devout follower of Jesus. Featured non-speaking role. $200/day Named Featured Background

  • JUDAS ISCARIOT: Male 20-30, Caucasian/Middle Eastern or similar, non-speaking emotional featured role, heavily conflicted, and shady, superficial loyalty with glimpses of hope. Strong dramatic role with simulated violence.$200/day Named Featured Background

  • THE APOSTLES OF JESUS (7): Male 20-30, Middle Eastern/Latino or similar. Followers of Jesus. Featured non-speaking role. $200/day Named Featured Background

$150/day Featured Background - Non-Speaking Role

  • ROMAN SOLDIERS (2): 20-40, Italian, European, or similar, callous, vicious, and physically fit. Featured non-speaking roles. Some running is required. $150/day Featured Background

  • PHARISEES (3): 30s-40s, Middle Eastern/Latino or similar, religious leaders, haughty, self-important, easily offended. Featured non-speaking roles. $150/day Featured Background

  • SERVANT GIRLS (2): Female, 20s, any ethnicity. $150/day Featured Background

$100/day Background - Non-Speaking Role

  • BACKGROUND ACTORS (15): Male and Female, various ages and ethnicities, citizens of 1st-century Israel. Walla crowd noises will be required. $100/day Featured Background


To submit to this casting:


  • Actors Access or Casting Networks


  • KatzKasting database ( >Login > Events > Open > Find this one > CONFIRM STATUS

  • Casting Networks or Actors Access

  • Only if you are unable to submit online, do not send duplicate submissions, EMAIL photo & info to KATZ@KATZKASTING.COM with subject “(Name of Project)/ (Role) ”

Selection Process:

  • You will be selected based on your photo and any other media you have available.

Casting ASAP

Thank you!

Katrina Bolen

Casting Director

Katz Kasting

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