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YT Airrack: Bodybuilder/Bodyguard - Quick Cash Gig (TX)

Quick cash gig with perks!

Looking for 4-bodybuilders, big, muscular, meat head, human spectacle type guys for YouTuber AIRRACK to play intimidating bodyguards wearing a suit & ski mask.


DATES: OCT 4 & 5, 2023

TIME: 8AM - 6PM (in short shifts/work @ 5hrs total on/off, network in between)

LOCATION: VIDSUMMIT Convention - Irving Convention Center, Irving, TX

PAY: $175/day + Event Pass ($995 value) = $350 Total, Paid Cash, End of Gig


  • You must own a dress suit and be able to wear it.

  • You will be wearing your suit and a ski mask and look intimidating, like a bouncer/body guard.

  • You will get an event pass to VIDSUMMIT (a $995 value), a place for Creators, Marketers, and Brands to come together to learn, network, and strategize. VidSummit is BY content creators and FOR content creators.

  • You will be working in Shifts, during the off time you can go network, listen to the talks, eat, relax, etc

  • Booking is for 2 days. Must do both days.

  • While this is not for Airrack’s YT Channel, you may be seen in a vlog.


YouTuber: Airrack

Gig Type: Live event, Costumed Character

Short Synopsis: Costumed Character at VidSummit - VidSummit is for Video Creators and Influencers, Marketers, Agencies and Brands involved in the Content Creation Process.

Local Hire: No expenses paid, Self-report to set



BODYBUILDER - Male, age 20-35, any ethnicity, needed 2 days, big, bulky, muscular, meat head, can look intimidating and in control. Owns a suit.


To submit to this casting:


  • KatzKasting database ( >Login > Events > Open > Find this one > CONFIRM STATUS


  • INCLUDE - Do you own a suit? Do you have a personal interest in being a content creator / YouTuber/Influencer and would benefit from the Event Pass?

Selection Process:

  • You will be selected based on your photo.

Casting ASAP

Thank you!

Katrina Bolen - Katz Kasting


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