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Working as a Local Hire!

Since I love to travel almost as much as I love working on movies, there is nothing better than getting to travel while working on a movie or tv show!

And since I do work all over the Southern Region, that means my database consists of thousands of actors all across the USA. It's exciting..... I even have a large group of Northern Actors, so someday I will have to venture up North to work on something fun with you guys!

By having such a broad database of actors from all over, it's necessary that I make sure everyone understands the meaning of LOCAL HIRE. I do always "TRY" to put as much location details in my casting notices as I have available, to give you adequate info to make an informed decision about working as a local hire.

What does Local hire mean?

In a nutshell, Local hire means the Production company does not pay any expenses. No travel, No hotels, No per diems. No additional meals than what's provided on set.

It's as if you wake up in your own bed, eat breakfast at your own table, drive to set, work all day, drive home, eat dinner at your own table, go to sleep in your own bed. And do it all again tomorrow.

But what if your cousin Susie lives (wherever we are filming) and she says she wants you to come for a visit and can stay with her..... would you be able to work as a local hire?

There are 2 answers to this question:

Yes & No ...

Let me explain.

THIS IS IN REGARDS TO NON-UNION PROJECTS ONLY! The union will not allow you to say that you will work as a local hire if it is a union film and you do not live within 30 miles of the shooting location.

NON UNION PROJECTS ONLY: If you are willing to foot your own bill, pay your own gas, you have flight benefits, relatives who lives there, hotel benefits, you have an RV, you have your own private jet.... side note - if this is you, I need to know you... ha!

Before you submit yourself as a Local hire, make sure you google map the shooting location (Town) and figure out exactly how far it is, and how much it would cost you to get there. Where are you going to sleep? What are you going to eat for breakfast and dinner? Then figure out if this is within your budget. If it's not, then pass on this one. If it is, then you are welcome to submit!

Now for the NO. There are times that even Independent productions are filming in a location (state) that offers a Tax Incentive. In order to qualify for these tax incentives the paid cast (both speaking roles and paid extras) must have an ID that is from the state that we are filming in. We are only allowed a very small percentage of "non-residents" in order to qualify, and those are typically used up on the "name talent" that we bring from LA. So, in these situations, then even extras are required to provide a local ID.

How do you know if it's okay to be from out of state? You most likely won't know until you ask. Sometimes I am able to know and post it out, but other times I won't even know if the Production is pursuing the tax incentive until right before filming starts.

I have hired people from all over to work as local hire. If you are up for the challenge, then most times I will let you submit. Just include a note with your original submission that you are available to "work as a local hire" and if I know the tax incentive is looming, then I will inform you at that time.

Working away from your home market really expands your horizons, and gives you many more opportunities.

Weigh the options, and if it works for you, then do it!

Photo below is from a TV Show I worked on for SPEED CHANNEL back many years ago! I cast the Audience Extras! Filmed at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte, NC. What a fun time!

Fast Track to Fame Filming - Charlotte, NC

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