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Back from LA - Auditions & Callbacks!

I am back from LA! The Director and I had a wonderful weekend of auditions/callbacks with so many amazing actors out there! It was very exciting seeing the script come to life from these live auditions and having the actor potentials read together! AMAZING!

It's weekends like this that just spark something inside me and no matter how little sleep I have gotten, or how tired I am, it's a priceless experience.

Thanks to my friends JoAnne Smolen (Talent Manager - After Eden Entertainment) and DebraLynn Findon (Talent Manager - Discover Management) for the wonderful location! And to Taylor Brandt - who I miss having him help me with auditions since he moved to LA!

While there I ran into many familiar faces and it was fun to catch up and see how busy everyone is pursuing their dreams!

The dream - that's why we are all here, and why we work so hard, and stay up so many hours preparing and doing the best we can to BE the best we can be. Competition is stiff and you have to be top of your game to excel!

That's why it's so disheartening to see Actors make tiny choices that could impact them on a large scale. This weekend - I saw several things that a few different Actors did that caused the Director to think (and comment) that they must not really want the role and toss their headshot to the side. Therefore, removing them from further consideration. All the hours spent on prep and planning, just crushed by one wrong decision. One that could be simply fixed, and avoided in the future!

SO - I created a last minute Webinar [AUDITION KILLERS: 5 things Actors did that removed them from consideration]

Streaming LIVE tomorrow night where we will discuss these things and how to make sure you NEVER let yourself fall into these traps. It was really sad (for me) on a couple of them, because I really liked them overall.... :(

You can sign up for this webinar via this link:

If you can't attend the live webinar tomorrow evening, no worries! We will be recording it and make it available as a digital download & streaming link, following the webinar.

To purchase the digital download click here:

I hope to see you there!

Also - This is the final day to sign up for the Digital Download of the Webinar: AFTER YOU BOOK THE ROLE! This 30 minute session turned into almost an hour! But so much info, I just couldn't cut it off in the middle! For details on what's included in the webinar, please see the sign up link below.

Purchase the Digital Download here:

Information made available to you to help you follow your dreams more effectively!

Thanks again!


2nd day of Callbacks in LA!

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