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A Director's Perspective

Did you know that the final casting decision on all speaking roles is made by the DIRECTOR?

Ever wish you could sit down with a Director and pick his brain? Now you can!

Special Guest Producer/Director: Kenny Saylors of Saylors Brothers Entertainment is taking time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us in this exclusive ONE HOUR webinar! Don't miss out!!

Plus maybe we can get him to give us a sneak peek of the feature film that they have in the works! Which will be cast by Katz Kasting (of course!) : )

The Saylors Brothers are award-winning Producers, Directors and Founders of Saylors Brothers Entertainment, ltd. During the course of their years of industry success, they have had their feet in practically every medium the industry has to offer, from National and International Television programming to hit music videos, that have topped the charts on Mtv and BET worldwide, to even award-winning, critically acclaimed documentaries and feature films.

Their work has been featured on, and in, Fox News, Newsweek, BBC, Time Magazine, NY Times, LA Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, Huffington Post, Indie Wire, Charisma, Christianity Today, among others. (Read more of their Bio under "The Brothers" section of their website)

Watch their Demo Reel to see clips of all the many projects they have Produced & Directed:

  1. WEBINAR: A Director's Perspective - Let's have a wide open discussion with someone who sits behind the casting table and makes the FINAL DECISION on who is selected. What are they looking for? What can you do to set yourself apart? Do they watch your demo reels? Is IMDB important in their decision? What other factors do they incorporate into their final decisions? Social media? After you book the role, what type of guidance should you expect from the Director regarding your role? These are just the tip of the iceburg! Bring your questions, and be prepared to take lots of notes! This information will help you increase your audition and performance skills! The more you know, the more confident you are!

Katz Kasting offers these informational webinars as a service to you to help you along your path for your acting career. If you follow the things that we make available to you, it will cut out many hours of research, wrong paths, bad decisions, and frustrated dead ends. You can go at it on your own, but why?

This Webinar will be Recorded and made available for streaming after the recorded dates. To sign up for this Webinar:

Live Webinar: - A Director's Perspective - Link

Recorded Webinar: (Streaming links): Available until June 2016. - Recorded: A Director's Perspective - Link.

NOTE: The "Date" on the Recorded Webinar is the final day you can order this webinar. You will not login at this day/time to view anything live. You will receive a private streaming link of the recorded webinar that you may watch at your convenience.

See these & more Katz Kasting webinars:!webinars/c7xw

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