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EVENT: Meet & Greet / Q&A with Casting Director Katrina Cook, Owner of KatzKasting

You are invited to join us for a Special Meet & Greet / Q&A with Casting Director Katrina Cook, owner of Katz Kasting. If this is the first time to work with KatzKasting, this is an excellent opportunity for you to introduce yourself.

My schedule is very busy, and I do not have the time to meet all of you in person outside of an organized event. Therefore, if you desire to meet me in person so that I may know who you are, then this is an excellent venue to do this, outside of an audition.

TUES MAY 31, 2016 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Location: GREENVILLE, TX

- Personally introduce yourself

- Tell me your goals with acting

- Group Q&A

Bring paper & pen, as you will be getting a lot of helpful information that you will want to remember!

Questions can be anything covering these acting-related topics: - Auditions - Callbacks - Extra Work - Finding Work - Getting Started

Open to all ages.

NOTE: This is NOT an audition. This is a meet & greet & Q&A only!


Go to the top of this page and highlight the ACTORS tab > MEET & GREET

Scroll to the bottom of this page for details on how to register!

KatzKasting Meet & Greet

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