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Knowing the SET RULES is SO Important!

I always seek to cast Professional Actors in all speaking and paid roles. Occasionally we may book a new actor because we see great potential in their acting ability, and their audition performance won over the Director.

Unfortunately too many times I have encountered these new actors may be very talented, Directable, and eager; but they are just too NEW to know the rules and on-set etiquette. Then that leaves them doing things they shouldn't be doing, which in turn gets me a phone call from the Director with "concerns" and bad reviews for the Actor.

This one bad review brings your "streak" to a halt. I address the issue with the actor, and if they are receptive and make an effort to attend an On-Set Etiquette class, and promise me that they will heed the words and make the necessary changes, then I will "slowly" allow them to audition for some smaller projects to prove to me that they have fixed the issue at hand.

If you have less than 3 speaking credits on your resume and you want to continue to AUDITION for speaking or paid roles in the future with Katz Kasting - you MUST READ THIS!!!!

Over the last year, I've had TOO MANY actors that I have met IN PERSON get bad reviews from set. It's disappointing, and it hurts YOU! I am doing this to HELP YOU! Because I WANT YOU TO DO GOOD. I do not WANT you to get bad Reviews! It ultimately reflects on ME!

Fortunately, This is something that you have the power to CONTROL from the beginning! (or fix)

If you are one of those Actors who have gotten the "bad review" email from me in the past, or have been a previous no-show or last minute cancellation on an extras booking, then I expect you to be in one of these classes, this will SHOW ME that you are making an effort to fix the issues. No effort, why should I risk booking you again? I won't ...


Everyone knows the rules & knows how to behave while on set, Right? You are thinking, of course, who wouldn't ?

Ask yourself these 2 questions:

  • 1. Have you taken an ON-SET ETIQUETTE class before?

  • 2. Have you been on set more than 3 times?

If you answered #1 with NO, then HOW CAN YOU KNOW THE RULES?

You don't just magically wake up one morning knowing the rules of being on set. You don't just automatically KNOW what we EXPECT from you when you walk on SET.

If you do NOT know the rules, then you risk breaking many of them. You are risking not only the reputation of Katz Kasting , but also YOUR FUTURE AS AN ACTOR.

Did you know that Many of the Bigger Agents (at least around here) look for On-Set Etiquette class on your resume before they will sign you? That's how important it is.

Parents of Child Actors, Speaking Roles, Non-speaking Roles, Featured Extras, Extras, Agent or no Agent. Doesn't matter. Have seen Actors who had an agent, and still didn't know how to behave on set. Makes me wonder "how the heck did they get an agent??" or makes me think twice when calling on their Agency again. Oh, and yes, I do notify your agent of all reviews. Just being honest ....

The Director ALWAYS tells gives me an update after you are on set. Good or Bad. If you are late, if you show lack of maturity and professionalism... etc. But how do you KNOW how you are suppose to act if you have never been TAUGHT? Plain and simple - YOU DON"T!

Want to audition for SPEAKING & PAID ROLES ? Taking this class ensures me that you will know how to behave as a PROFESSIONAL ON SET.

You MUST know the RULES and know what is acceptable and not-acceptable behavior while on set!

You can't just "be yourself" .... and the last thing an Actor wants is the Director to call me and say "X must be new.. because .... " or "I hate to say this, but we have some concerns with X" or "we are going to need to replace X"

It's been a while since I have done this class, so I have put one together for next week. I've got a very busy June/July with several projects coming up this summer, and I am going to be VERY SELECTIVE from this point on when inviting ACTORS to audition.

You are a reflection of Katz Kasting and I must ensure that you are projecting a positive image everytime you walk on that set in whatever capacity.


Doing This one Class 3 ways, available for ALL TALENT.

  • ONE Webinar, (THURS JUNE 9 @ 7pm-8pm CT - login from anywhere)

  • ONE Recorded (Webinar)Session (watch anytime)

  • ONE IN-PERSON Class (FRI June 10, 7pm-8pm, Greenville, TX)

(Keep scrolling for registration links!)

If you have less than 3 speaking role credits & want to audition for speaking or paid roles in the future, then I URGE you to take this class.

BEFORE scheduling AUDITIONS - Will be LOOKING for "On Set Etiquette" under training for ANY actor with less than 3 speaking role credits.

Sorry, can't risk it anymore .... ! If you are serious, see you in this class. No, it's not free. This is taking time out of my very busy day to help you, so that you LOOK better, which helps you to BOOK Better.

Learn the rules, follow them, and everyone wins! Or at least when the Director calls he gives positive remarks, not negative ones. Trust me, they always remember the ones who misbehave. And so do I. Don't let it be you!


To make things easier, I have put all 3 of these on the Webinar site. Pay attention to which one you are signing up for!

  • LIVE WEBINAR (Thurs, June 9 7pm-8pm) :

  • IN PERSON CLASS (Fri June 10, 7pm-8pm: Greenville, TX):



  • Webinar: You will receive reminders from the website with login information, you just click the link, and sit back and watch the webinar.

  • In Person Class: If you register for the in person class, you will receive an email with the location and more details sent to the email address that you used to sign up with. If you do not receive these details by Thurs June 9, email me. There may be an issue with your email address.

  • Recorded Webinar: You will receive the streaming link via email after June 12. You may purchase this streaming link up until June 18. Once again, if you don't get it by June 20, email me, may be an issue with your email address.

Katz Kasting offers informational classes and webinars to HELP YOU!

Thank you for making an effort to learn these things that will help you on your Acting Journey!

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