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CASTING: CIY: The King & the Beggar [Travel Provided] Indiana


PROJECT NAME: The King and the Beggar PRODUCTION COMPANY: Christ in Youth Productions (CIY) FILM TYPE: Short Film, Period Piece set in Medieval Times CASTING DIRECTOR: Katrina Cook, KatzKasting DIRECTOR: MD Neely NOTE: Do NOT contact the Director or CIY organization by phone or email.

PAY: Paid $250/day + hotel + travel (see below for specifics)

LOCATION: Bowling Green, Indiana - Clayshire Castle:

SHOOT DATE: Week of July 25th. 3 shooting days, 12 hour days, 1 rehearsal day which would be paid as a half day, also the evening of rehearsal day will be a cast and crew dinner (provided by CIY). Most of the film takes place at night so talent should be aware that we will likely be flipping our days and shooting nights. For principal talent: travel in and rehearse Monday, July 25, shoot the 26th, 27th, and 28th, travel home on the 29th. For supporting talent, shoot day TBD.

USAGE: Video Promo for Jr. High Believe ( 20,000 students and youth leaders will be in attendance on our national tour.

Theme: Generosity

Previous Projects we have Cast for CIY: Believe Promo 2015: The Presence: Jenna

TRAVEL: Gas expenses Reimbursed or One (1) RT coach airfare provided for those who are outside of a reasonable driving distance to the location. If you choose to book your own travel, you will be reimbursed up to $500 maximum.

INCLUDED: Hotel, breakfast and lunch on day of filming, craft services on day of filming. Cast dinner night before shooting.

NOT INCLUDED: Dinner, or any other meals outside the filming day. We do not pay per diem.

AUDITIONS BY VIDEO ONLY. You must have the ability to do a QUICK TURNAROUND Video Auditions! Videos must be received no later than July 1 @ 1pm CT to be considered. Professional or self-tape videos accepted. All videos must be uploaded to either the KatzKasting database (Video Audition Request Page) or by your agent to Breakdowns.

Looking for professional actors to portray the following roles:

Cast Breakdown: YOUNG BEGGAR - HS student 15-25 years old (to play high school student), open to ethnicities 3 days shooting ($250/day + hotel + travel: Includes $210 Rate +$40 Agency Fee) speaking role (Script is written for a female, but we would like to audition males as well). Needs to be comfortable handling a dagger and some mild stunt work/choreography. Stunt coordinator will be on set to make sure everything is safe.

KING/OLD MAN - 35-65 years old open to ethnicities, 2 days ($250/day + hotel + travel: Includes $210 Rate +$40 Agency Fee) speaking role (Looking for someone with a full beard, who would be willing to shave it during the production)


(Agency Fees Included, No Travel Expenses Paid, hotel upon request if needed)

  • Traveler 1 - $100/day male, age 16-50 years, open to ethnicities

  • Traveler 2 - $100/day female, age 16 to 50 years, open to ethnicities

  • Beggar 1 - $200/day male , age 18-50, open to ethnicities - athletic, some mild stunt work/choreography. Stunt experience preferred.

  • Beggar 2 - $200/day female, age 18-50, open to ethnicities - athletic, some mild stunt work/choreography. Stunt experience preferred.

To submit:

(Agents must submit via Breakdowns) - not yet released on Breakdowns.

To Self Submit: 1. Go to 2. Click LOGIN or New Talent 3. Click EVENTS 4. Locate the Event "CIY: King & Beggar" and change your status to CONFIRM 5. If you are selected to move forward in the Casting process you will receive a specific Audition invite that will include the Sides/Scenes for the Video Audition, along with detailed instructions. 6. You must upload the Video Audition to the Audition Invite (details sent to those who are selected). 7. If you are not selected to move forward, you will not receive an audition invite. Do not follow up, email me, or call me.

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director

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