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Project Updates 2017

Project updates on films I have worked on. All projects listed below were Cast in whole (or part) by Katz Kasting / Katrina Cook. If you worked on something and find the info before I do, let me know! If you work on something, you can check this list, and I will try to keep it up to date. Older projects are not listed on this page.

FILMS are listed at the top, MUSIC VIDEOS are at the bottom. Everything else is in between : )



CIY: CALL TO GO (Dallas)

  • Cast / Filming in Jan



  • Wrapped! Post Production!

  • Pics on FB page www.facebook.katzkasting1

DOCUMENTARY FILM "Hidden in the Heart of Texas" [Dallas, TX] - Hide & Go Seek documentary.

  • Wrapped! Filming is completed!

  • Photos from set:

FILM "Red All Over" [Houston, TX] -

  • Trailer:

  • Photos from set:

FILM " The Price" (previously known as "The Virtuoso") - Cast extras only



FILM "BAD KIDS GO 2 HELL" [Dallas, TX] - starring Sean Astin, Gina Gershon, Ben Browder & more!

  • Renamed to "Bad Kids of Crestview Academy"

  • Watch now on Amazon, Itunes, Fandango Now & Vudu


  • Watch on Amazon, Itunes & Vudu


  • Watch on Amazon Prime, Itunes & Vudu Official trailer:


  • Watch on Netflix, Amazon, Itunes & Vudu


  • Watch online:

FILM " A HORSE TAIL" Previously known as "A Christmas Promise" [Dallas, TX] - Starring Charisma Carpenter, Patrick Muldoon & Dominique Swain!

  • Watch on Amazon Prime, Itunes & Vudu

  • Trailer:

  • Movie Poster:

  • Photos from set:

FILM: ADRENALINE: (North Carolina)

  • Watch online: Amazon, Itunes & Vudu









FILM "Dancer & the Dame" [Monroe, LA] - Pure Flix Films, starring David AR White, Billy Gardell, James Denton, Eva LaRue & more!

  • Official Trailer:

  • Watch on Amazon, Itunes & Vudu

  • Photos of Extras: Feel free to tag yourself if you can find you in any of the pics!

FILM "Princess Cut" - Producer Paul Munger, filmed in NC

  • Watch on Amazon or Itunes.

  • Has won several film festival awards

  • First look movie poster:

  • Promo clip:

  • Actress Mimi Sagadin has a film in Sundance 2014 "Return to the Hiding Place"

  • In Post-production.

  • IMDB:

  • Facebook:

FILM "SuperKids Academy" [Dallas, TX] -KCM Ministries Kids Curriculum.

  • Available online:

  • View Trailer: Same link above, under "Lesson Transmission"

  • Click here to see who was cast:

FILM "Summer's Shadow" - Director Steve Franke, Producer: Liz Franke , Hungry Bear Productions

  • Watch online: Amazon

  • Available for purchase at Walmart & other retailers


  • IMDB:

  • Facebook:


  • Trained Dog

FILM "Revelation Road 3" - [Amarillo, TX] RELEASED FILM called "The Black Rider: Revelation Road" - Pure Flix Films, starring David AR White, Kevin Sorbo, James Denton, Michael Bailey Smith & more!

  • In Walmart & Christian Bookstores Now! Or Buy now:

  • Watch online: Amazon & itunes

  • Official Trailer:

  • Trailer posted to Flixster:

  • Nice Article posted in the Amarillo newspaper:

  • Photos of Extras: Feel free to tag yourself if you can find you in any of the pics!

FILM "Mission Air" - Producer Mike Norris, starring Tom Arnold, Paul Rodriguez, Jamie Kennedy, Allie DeBerry

  • Watch online: Amazon, Itunes & Vudu

  • Available in Bible Bookstores & Streaming on Netflix:

  • Official Trailer:

  • Trailer posted to Flixster:

  • IMDB:

FILM "Veil of Tears" - Producer Kyle & Kenny Saylors, Narrarated by Natalie Grant

  • Trailer:

  • Watch online: Amazon & Itunes & Vudu.

  • Currently available for Purchase at Bible Bookstores. (Lifeway/Mardel)

  • Screening at Cannes Film Festival 2014

  • IMDB:

  • Facebook:

  • Website:

FILM "8 days" - Director Jaco Booyens , After Eden Productions

  • Watch online: Amazon , Itunes or Vudu



  • IMDB:

  • Facebook:

  • Congratulations to Austin Williams for becoming Mrs. USA. Austin was with us last month on set of 8days. She played a role as a reporter in our film.

  • See the newly crowned Mrs. America - Austen Williams, as she discusses winning the crown, bringing awareness to human trafficking and preparing for the Mrs. World competition in Bulgaria in May! — with Chris Franz and 3 others. Austen Williams Mrs america 2013 Ask the Crown Season2 Ep 1

  • Website:

FILM "Red Wing" - Director Will Wallace, with Luke Perry, Bill Paxton, Glen Powell

  • Watch online: Amazon, Itunes, Vudu

  • Currently available for purchase at WAL-MART.

  • "Red Wing" star Breann Johnson wins "Best Actress" at the Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema!

  • Trailer:

  • Nice article write up:

  • IMDB:

FILM "Charlie: A Toy Story" - Director Garry A Brown, filmed in TX

  • Available on DVD at WalMart & Amazon.

  • Watch online: Amazon, Itunes & Vudu

  • Screened at DIFF

  • Netflix:

  • Scene clip:

  • IMDB:

  • Dove Foundation Awards "5 Doves" the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for all ages.

FILM "Season of Miracles" - DP Josh Moody , Director Dave Moody (I cast John Schneider) filmed in Nashville, TN

  • Watch online: Amazon , Itunes

  • Oct 1 DVD Release - now available in Wal-Mart &

  • DVD Available at Christian Cinema:

  • iTunes Movies:

  • Season of Miracles Trailer: Starring John Schneider.

  • IMDB:

  • Season of Miracles is an Official Selection at this year's DiXiE FiLM FeSTiVaL in Atlanta, GA

  • Twitter: @MiraclesMovie

  • Facebook:

  • website:

LIVE PRODUCTION: "The Passover Experience" - Producer Tammy Lane

  • Project completed for the year! Check out the photos on my FB page.


  • News Article from the STAR TELEGRAM -

FILM "Bad Kids Go to Hell" Producer Barry Wernick , Director Matthew Spradlin In Target!

  • April 9 marks the DVD release of Bad Kids Go To Hell! Read about our journey from script to DVD:

  • Streaming on Netflix!

  • Trailer & On Demand Sites:

  • Limited Theatrical Release in USA & Canada

  • Variety write up:

TV SHOWS: Sports Dads:

  • Palomar Family:

  • Spain Family:

  • Lewis Family:

  • Mowles Family:

  • Hall Family:

  • Saffold Family:

CHURCH VIDEOS for UP2UFilms: Dallas, TX

7 Telly awards were won for these 7 videos that I cast extras for last year! Here's the links to all of them... it's the church videos we did at the Square in Lewisville




  • Click here to see who was cast:



"Treasured" SHORT FILM: CIY Ministries (Joplin, MO)

  • View entire film online:

FILM "New Years Resolutions" - Producer: Brandon Carmichael , Director: Jason Walter Vaile

  • New Year's Resolutions wins best short film at TAFF 2014

  • NYR Screened at USA Film Fest

  • NYR is nominated for best Romantic Comedy Short film at the Bare Bones International Film Festival.

FILM "STATIC" - Producer: Brandon Carmichael , Writers: Jason Walter Vaile & Alan Tregoining

  • Our Last years 168 Film Project - Static just picked up four award nominations at next months Attic Film Festival in Austin. Best Short under 10 Minutes, Best Performance for Morgan, Best Editing and Best Screenplay.

  • RUNNER UP Best Short Film at San Antonio SAICFF

  • WINNER Best Short Film, Best Actress (Morgan Alana Taylor) at Gideon Film Festival (7 Nominations, 5 Wins)

  • RUNNER UP for Audience Choice Award - NAB 2012

  • WINNER Best Actress (Morgan Alana Taylor) at 168 Film Festival (10 nominations, 1 win)

SHORT FILMS: Films for Christ In Youth Ministries (Joplin, MO)

  • Ru'ah:

  • Four Friends:

  • Jenna:

  • Joel:

FILM "Czech Beautiful" Director Jeff Peeples

  • official Selection of the 2013 Bare Bones Film Festival. Check out the trailer!

SHORT FILM "Heroes" - Produced by Covenant Church. Cast Ironman & Batman.

  • Played during all services on Easter 2013

FILM "El Guitarist" - Director J Fabian

  • Public Screening: Texas Theater August 19th, 2013 from 8-10pm.

FILM "The Traveler" - Director Mark Blitch , Dallas Team #70 for 168 Project Video Race

  • Teaser Trailer

  • Film Festival screening in LA August 2013, Official Selection at 168 Film Festival (Top 22 films)


MUSIC VIDEO: "Texas Farm Girl" Artist: Billy Dawson. Filmed in Sunray, TX


MUSIC VIDEO: "Hurt & the Healer" Artist: Mercy Me


MUSIC VIDEO "Born To Lead" Artist: Billy Dawson (Nashville, TN) Played on CBS during the Lombardi awards.


MUSIC VIDEO "Little Drummer Boy" Artist: John Schlitt (lead singer of PETRA) Grammy & Dove award winning vocalist. (Nashville, TN)


MUSIC VIDEO " Walls" Artist: Sean Guerrero (Nashville, TN)


  • Nice article on video:

MUSIC VIDEO "Simple Life" Artist: Kimberly Patrick


MUSIC VIDEO "White Dixie Plate" (Parody "Red Solo Cup") Artist: Torry Martin


MUSIC VIDEO "Kick it Out" Band: Boom Boom Satellites with: Tajh Mowery & Flo Rida


MUSIC VIDEO "White Boy Wasted" Band: Valediktorians

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