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AUDITIONS: CIY: "50 year Anniversary Promo" [Joplin, MO] Paid $$ + Travel + Hotel


CIY: "50 year Anniversary Promo" [Joplin, MO] Paid $$ + Travel + Hotel


PROJECT NAME: "50 Year Anniversary Promotional" PRODUCTION COMPANY: Christ in Youth Productions (CIY) FILM TYPE: promos GENRE: Faith Based Project with Strong Christian Worldview message. CASTING DIRECTOR: Katrina Cook, KatzKasting DIRECTOR: MD Neely NOTE: Do NOT contact the Director or CIY organization or any other Production member by phone or email. This is highly unprofessional and will DISQUALIFY YOU from this & all future castings!


USAGE: Promos for CIY Donors and Potential Donors

Theme: Preparing your child spiritually for life.

VIDEO AUDITIONS for Principal roles. You must audition by Video, and callbacks will be done by online Video Chat (similar to skype). No live auditions.

Previous CIY Projects cast by Katz Kasting: "Switch" password: Switch



Shooting dates: Week of October 23rd. 2 shooting days (12 hour days), 1 rehearsal day which (would be paid as a half day), also the evening of rehearsal day will be a cast and crew dinner (provided by CIY). Exact dates TBD.

Shooting location: Joplin, MO


PAY RATE: $291/day + 20% Agency Fee = $350/day

TRANSPORTATION: up to $500/per ROLE for travel for leads. Students unable to travel by themselves who must be accompanied by an adult receive $500 max TOTAL. CIY will work with talent to book flights and rental car. Talent will fly into Joplin Regional Airport or surrounding airports (XNA, SGF). Talent may choose to drive and be reimbursed for rental car & gas expenses.

Included: Hotel (provided by CIY), breakfast and lunch on day of filming, craft services on day of filming.

Not included: Dinner, or any other meals outside the filming day. We do not pay per diem.

Transportation to and from set is responsibility of talent.


CAST BREAKDOWN: Jenette – Female, 30-40 years old, Mom of Carson. open to ethnicities, 2 days shooting ($291/day + 20% Agency Fee = $350/day ). Must be willing to cut hair to show passage of time during filming.

Preteen Carson - Male 8-14 years old, open to ethnicities, 1 day ($291/day + 20% Agency Fee = $350/day )

Teenage Carson – Male 15-19 years old, open to ethnicities, 2 days ($291/day + 20% Agency Fee = $350/day ). We would prefer Teenage Carson to have longer hair by filming date and willing to style/cut during filming to show different stages of life.


NOTE: Accepting self-submissions through the Katz Kasting database and Agent submissions via Casting Networks. Email submissions are NOT ACCEPTED or acknowledged. Please follow the directions if you want to be considered. Casting is posted to Katz Kasting Database FIRST, therefore deadlines for video returns will be scattered and different for self-submissions and for agent submissions. Pay attention to your specific deadline that's emailed to you.

To self-submit via the Katz Kasting database: Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database Click EVENTS Locate the Event "SUBMISSIONS: CIY: 50 Year Anniversary Promo" and change your status to CONFIRM

NOTES: CONFIRM simply means that you would like to do a video audition and are available for this casting. Once selected to do a VIDEO AUDITION you will receive a separate invitation (via email) for a new event "VIDEO AUDITIONS: CIY: 50 yr Anniversary Promo" and this page will have all the video audition guidelines, script and deadlines. Your video must be uploaded to THIS SPECIFIC PAGE to be considered.

If you have questions on how to navigate the database, go and review the "Welcome to KatzKasting" Event under your Event Tab (will either be in OPEN or SIGNED). Once you have reviewed this info and if you are still having problems you can email me. Keep in mind that I am busy and will only respond if your answer is not already posted online somewhere to be found.

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director


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