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CASTING PAID EXTRAS [St Louis MO] CIY:Superstart! $50 *Oct 6 or 7*


Great way to build up your resume and gain that On-Set Experience!!! Be an EXTRA!!!

  • Now Casting: Background Extras ($50/day)

  • Needed 1 day only.

  • LOCATION: St Louis, MO

  • DATES: Oct 6 or 7 (TBD)

Extras (Selected from Headshots)

  • 8 Preteen students, (AGES 8-14, must look no younger than 9 & no older than 13) male or female, open to ethnicities, 1 shooting day ($50), local to St. Louis

  • 2 Adults, (24 & up, must not look younger than 24) male or female, open to ethnicities, 1 shooting day ($50), local to St. Louis


* Updated*

LAST MINUTE CASTING INFO: You may now submit to be an EXTRA for this casting via EMAIL.


Subject of Email: EXTRAS /CIY/ St Louis

Include: Your name, phone #, email address (if different from where you are sending the email) and 1 photo that clearly shows your face.

If you would like to get on the mailing list & be able to see & submit to other castings (both speaking roles & extras) please join the database!


No submissions will be considered without a photo. You may create a non-active profile for FREE in the Katz Kasting database & add 2 photos to submit to this casting. You may delete your profile after this casting or choose to remain for future casting opportunities nationwide.

To self-submit via the Katz Kasting database: Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database Click EVENTS Locate the Event "PAID EXTRAS [CIY SUPERSTART] ST LOUIS, MO" and change your status to CONFIRM

NOTES: CONFIRM simply means that you would like to do a video audition (if applying for featured role) or for background extras it means you are available for this casting. Once selected to do a VIDEO AUDITION you will receive a separate invitation (via email) with instructions on what to do and where to send it.


If you have questions on how to navigate the database, go and review the "Welcome to KatzKasting" Event under your Event Tab (will either be in OPEN or SIGNED). Once you have reviewed this info and if you are still having problems you can email me using the CONTACT tab on this site. Keep in mind that I am busy and will only respond if your answer is not already posted online somewhere to be found.


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