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AUDITIONS: CIY: Mix "Batteries"


CIY: MIX - "Batteries" [Joplin, MO] Paid $$ + Travel + Hotel



PROJECT NAME: "MIX: Batteries" FILM TYPE: promo for MIX GENRE: Faith-Based Project with Strong Christian Worldview message. CASTING DIRECTOR: Katrina Cook, KatzKasting


NOTE: Do NOT contact the Director or CIY organization or any other Production member by phone or email. This is highly unprofessional and will DISQUALIFY YOU from this & all future castings!


USAGE: These pieces will play at CIY’s nationwide events, targeted to Jr. High students.


VIDEO AUDITIONS for Principal roles. You must audition by Video, and callbacks will be done by online Video Chat (similar to skype). No live auditions.


Previous projects Cast by Katz Kasting for CIY: "Switch" "Believe Promo 2015" "Call to Go"


Shooting location: JOPLIN, MO (** Travel Allowance provided!!! * View full casting info on database for specifics!

Shooting dates: Late March 2018, 2 shooting days (12 hour days) 1 rehearsal day (6 hours) which would be paid as a half day. The evening of rehearsal day will be a cast and crew dinner (provided by CIY.) Exact dates TBD.


PAY SPECIFICS: Paid $208/day + 20% Agency Fee = $250/day total

DATE SPECIFICS: 1 rehearsal day which would be paid as a half day ($104 + 20%) and 2 shooting days (12 hour days) at $208 + 20%. Total Pay: $625 (rate + agency fees).



  • Brandon (Lead) – male, 12 – 17 years old to play age 13-15, open to ethnicities, speaking. Church kid. Attends youth group at his local church and enjoys it. All around good kid and good student. Fight scene. Gets punched in the face. Light stunts/falls. Protagonist.

  • Fiona (strong supporting) – female, 12 – 17 years old to play age 12-14, open to ethnicities, speaking. Brandon's childhood friend. She doesn't understand why he goes to church. Has a crush on Reid. Good student and all american girl.

  • Chaz (supporting) – male 12 – 17 years old to play age 12-14, open to ethnicities, speaking. A sloppy looking kid who plays Call of Duty all night rather than doing his homework. Friends with Brandon & Fiona. Makes fun of Brandon's faith with lighthearted humor.

  • Reid (principal) – male 12 – 17 years old to play 8th grader, open to ethnicities, speaking. Good looking, popular, large (tall) 8th grader, athlete. Arrogant, Intimidating, fight scene. Bully. Punches Brandon. Antagonist.

  • Carly (principal) – female 12 – 17 years old to play 13/14, open to ethnicities, speaking. wearing a dark brown, oversized hoodie. Her hair is long and unfixed. She's not ugly, but she's not fashionable. Selfie queen. Low self-esteem. Sheds a tear. Band student (trumpet) - will not play an instrument on camera. Gets made fun of, finds a new friend.


TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: Up to $250 travel allowance (Gas/Rental Car/Flight) * View full casting info on database for specifics!

Included: Hotel , breakfast and lunch on day of filming, craft services on day of filming.

* View full casting info on database for specifics!


To self-submit via the Katz Kasting database:

Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database Click EVENTS Locate the Event "AUDITIONS: CIY: MIX: BATTERIES" and change your status to CONFIRM

Event under your Event Tab (will either be in OPEN or SIGNED). Once you have reviewed this info and if you are still having problems you can email me. Keep in mind that I am busy and will only respond if your answer is not already posted online somewhere to be found.

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director

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