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Project Name; Black Easter Resurrection Production Company: Timed out Productions Producer: Brad Kellar Director: Jim Carroll Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting

Project Type: Feature Film Genre: Faith Based - Sci-Fi, Consipiracy


Website for reference only:

NOTE: DO NOT USE THE OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE POSTED TO SUBMIT FOR AN AUDITION. In order to be considered for Casting you must follow the submission info at the bottom of this message. All other inquiries and attempts to reach out directly to the Production team will be discarded.


Union Status: SAG LOW BUDGET

PAY: $630 per day /$2190 week. (SAG Scale)



SYNOPSIS: After young geniuses create time travel, they find that radical extremists are using it to send assassins back in time to kill Jesus. It’s the ultimate Jihad. The geniuses must hijack the time machine, kill the assassins, and restore the resurrection while interacting with Jesus, Peter, and Mary.

Black Easter Resurrection has been awarded "Winner Status" in 35 film festivals across the world.



TRAVEL: Not provided. You must be able to work as a local hire in Dallas & Weatherford TX (Biblical times scenes). HOTEL: Not provided. Local hire only.


Film Dates: May 28 - June 29, 2018 Shoot Location: Dallas & Weatherford (Biblical times scenes), TX (DFW Metroplex/vicinity)

Video Auditions ONLY for the first round. Callbacks in person in Dallas, TX.


Character Breakdown:


* # of days listed for reference only, these numbers may increase or decrease as schedule changes*

RAM - Lead, Male, 18-26 years, Caucasian. Celebrity talent considered. Teen genius, chosen to be a part of an exciting new science research project team to create a matter transfer machine at the Institute of Higher Learning. Ram is an over-confident, brilliant, socially awkward young man intellectually advanced, but way behind in social skills. While doing research, they succeed in creating the world’s first time machine.The time machine is then used by a group of assassins to commit the ultimate Jihad. They travel to the past to kill Jesus and His disciples before the resurrection. Ram and his friends commandeer the time machine, race back in time to stop the assassins but fail. On top of all of the chaos and danger, Ram must ultimately make sense of a God that would allow any of this to happen. 25 days, consecutive

BRANDT - Lead, Male, 30s-40s. Caucasian. Celebrity talent considered. Athletic, an ex-military hero, works as the Director of Security at a high tech research facility. Brandt is a devoted husband, father and Christian until his family is killed in a car accident. Brandt’s grief becomes uncontrollable anger, he blames God and at the same time decides that "god" is fake. In his vulnerable state, Brandt gets caught up in a jihadists plot to go back in time to prove that Jesus is just a man, a fake god. 17 days, non-consecutive

AHMED AMIR- Lead bad guy. Male, Arab/Middle Eastern. 35-50s, Celebrity talent considered. CEO, founder and owner of the Institute of Higher Learning, a covert organization funded by Islamic Extremists. Ahmed is sophisticated, handsome ladies’ man with many academic accolades, but hides a dark and tragic past, having witnessed his parents murder for being Christians at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Convinced that Christianity is to blame for the death of his parents, he is then taken in and brainwashed into carrying on the violent ideology of his abusers, but with a diabolical twist. Ahmed plans to use technology to commit the ultimate Jihad when his young geniuses create a time travel machine. Now he can kill off the entire ideology of the infidels – Christianity, by going back in time and taking out the leader of the movement, Jesus Christ. 12 days, non-consecutive

AMY LEVINE - Supporting, Female, Age 18-26. Any ethnicity. Celebrity talent considered. The one female member to win a slot on on the genius team. She is sweet, pretty, and a faith filled Christian. Amy is the tender heart of the team and a rose among thorns. All of her nerdy teammates adore her. She also has a special gift of communication and sign language that ends up being the saving grace in the terrorist attack. Romantic interest of Ram. 19 days, non-consecutive

SIMON - Supporting, Male, 18-26 years, Black/African American. Celebrity talent considered. Cool young black guy with dreads, scientist, young genius, strong, athletic. He is one of the young scientists on the dream team. He assists in creating a time travel machine and ends up in Biblical times watching the crucifixion of Jesus. He is pulled from the crowd to carry the cross for Jesus. 16 days, non-consecutive

FELIX - Supporting, Male, 18-26 years, Latino/Hispanic or other ethnicity. Young nerdy, possibly overweight, scientist, young genius, has a lucky penguin. He is one of the young scientists on the dream team. He assists in creating a time travel machine and ends up in Biblical times. 13 days, non-consecutive

SABEER - Supporting, Male, 20s-40s, Arab/Middle Eastern. BAD GUY, Islamic extremist. Slimy looking middle eastern man with scarred face and unkempt beard, unattractive. Works with Ahmed at the research lab. Pure evil. 17 days, non-consecutive

KABIL - Male, 20s-40s, Arab/Middle Eastern. muscular, Islamic extremist, middle eastern man with mustache and long beard, pure bad guy, thug. 9 days, consecutive

JESUS - Male, 33, Long hair, bearded, Jewish, dark features, strong bearded man (will speak Aramaic & english) - attractive person with soft voice. Biblical times. 9 days, consecutive

PETER - Male, 30s, Arab/Middle Eastern. Biblical times. Disciple of Jesus, handsome bearded man with wild hair, must be willing to grow beard. Prefer middle eastern look, dark hair / dark eyes. 4 days, consecutive

MARY- Female, 40s-50s, Arab/Middle Eastern.Jesus’ mother. Biblical times Jewish woman, long curly hair, dark complexion ((will speak in Aramaic for audition).). 4 days, consecutive

WOMAN - Female, 40s-50s, Arab/Middle Eastern. friend of Mary. Biblical times Jewish woman, dark hair, dark eyes, dark complexion,(will speak in Aramaic for audition). 3 days, consecutive

RAM’S MOTHER- Female, 45-55, Caucasian, to match with the actor who is cast for Ram. 4 days, consecutive

RAM’S FATHER- Male, 45-55, Caucasian, to match with the actor who is cast for Ram. 4 days, consecutive

DIANE -female, Caucasian, Mid 20s-30s. British Accent, Brandt’s wife. Sweet, kind and pretty. A good wife and mother. 2 days, consecutive

ASHLEY Female, 4 years old, Caucasian. bright face , long brown hair, sister of Amanda, daughter of Brandt & Diane. Will need to match with actors cast for Brandt & Diane. 2 days, consecutive

AMANDA Female, 6 years old, Caucasian. thin girl with sweet smile, daughter of Brandt & Diane, sincere. Will need to match with actors cast for Brandt & Diane. 2 days, consecutive

GUARD # 1 & #2 - Male, 25-55 yrs, Any ethnicity, Guard in high security science lab,, athletic, bad guys and good guys. 9-11 days, non-consecutive

SCIENTIST #1 & #2 Male or Female, scientist, 40-50s. Any ethnicity. Clean cut. 4-5 days, non-consecutive


RASHAAD - Male, late 20’s-30s, Arab/Middle Eastern. 24 yr old bearded islamic extremist, middle eastern. Flashback to the past.

OLD RASHAAD - Male, 50Ss, Arab/Middle Eastern. will need to grow a beard, middle eastern, will be matched to Rashaad.

YOUNG AHMED - Male, 10 yr old Arab/Middle Eastern. Arabic boy(this could change), to match actor cast as Ahmed

MERCHANT -Male, 30s-90s, Arab/Middle Eastern. Jewish, bearded, dark features and eyes, Biblical times merchant (will speak in Aramaic for audition).

AHMED’S FATHER -Male, 30s, Arab/Middle Eastern. dark features, clean shaven Arabic man, tortured and murdered for being Christians at the hands of Islamic terrorists, to match actor cast as Ahmed.

AHMED’S MOTHER - Female, 30s, Arab/Middle Eastern., dark features, brown eyed woman with a covered face. tortured and murdered for being Christians at the hands of Islamic terrorists, to match actor cast as Ahmed.

ELIZABETH -Female, 30s-40s, mixed race woman, beautiful , armed, wearing combat attire

JOEY - Male, 40s-50s, any ethnicity, Athletic, handsome middle aged man, armed, wearing combat attire, this role will possibly be used in a sequel

BRAD - Male, 17-21, any ethnicity, young teen, armed wearing combat attire, possibly used in a sequel

PROFESSOR - Male or Female, 40s-50s, any ethnicity. College Professor

ROMAN SOLDIER #1, #3 & #4 #5 - STUNT ROLES. Stunt experience required. Male, 20s-50s, athletic. Biblical times soldiers (will speak Greek). Will speak Greek for Audition.

DEAF GIRL - 18-26 yo, Female, Latino/hispanic or other ethnicity preferred. Young genius. Will wear thick glasses, must learn (or know) a few things in sign language. Audition will be in sign language.


To submit:

Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database (Create a profile) Click EVENTS (Tab) CLICK OPEN EVENTS

Locate the Event and reply YES to confirm your interest in this project. DECLINE any role that you are not available so I can remove you from this casting!

PLEASE NO TEXTS OR PHONE CALLS. Follow directions to submit immediately!

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director


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