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Katz Kasting Casting Notice:

This casting is now open for public/self-submissions through the KatzKasting database. I do not have time to review thousands of email submissions. Please submit online or through your agent only! Agents please submit your talent via Breakdowns/CN once available.

Project Name: Ninety feet from Home Production Company: B22 Films Exec. Producer: Tiffany McDonald Director: Brett Brentman Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting


Project Type: Feature Film Genre: Dark Drama, Based on Actual Events Logline: A former, troubled Major League Baseball player returns home to confront his abusive step-father.


Union Status: SAG ULB BUDGET

PAY: $125 per day (SAG Scale)


Preferred Local Hire, but will consider other (non-local) options.

Film Dates: OCT 10- NOV 2 Shoot Location: Denton/Sanger/Justin Texas (North of Dallas)


Union & Non-Union Actors may apply.

Video Auditions ONLY for the first round. Callbacks in person in Dallas, TX.


Character Breakdown:

90 Feet From Home Character Breakdown:

  • Scott Conway – LEAD, male, 35-40, Caucasian. hard miles on a handsome face, ex-baseball player, carries his emotions in his eyes and shoulders, broad, quiet storm type. 2 weeks.

  • Tommy Conway – LEAD, male, 35-40, Caucasian. homicide detective in a small town, sharp, handsome and the polar opposite of his step-brother Scott. He hides his emotions of growing up in a home with an abusive father. He is Jimmy’s only blood relative. 2 weeks

  • Margaret Conway – SUPPORTING, female, early 30’s, Caucasian, quiet, humble wife of Tommy Conway. She is afraid of Scott and his relationship with her husband. Mother to Kay. 1 week

  • Young Scott Conway – male, 14-18, Caucasian, must believably be able to play a range of ages from 14-18, younger Scott, baseball kid, will be hitting balls on film, must know proper baseball form & swings, crew cut, bruised a bit and more of the family’s Hellion. Has an Abusive step-father. 4-5 days

  • Young Tommy Conway – male, 16-18, Caucasian, must believably be able to play a range of ages from 16-18, younger Tommy, cleaner cut, book smart, a boy scout. Daddy's favorite. Always gets preference. 3-4 days

  • Emily Conway – female, mid-30’s, Caucasian, the sheepish mother dealing with an emotionally abusive husband, very much trying to protect her children but not at the expense of herself. Mother of Scott and step-mom of Tommy, wife of Jimmy. 3 days

  • Kay Conway – female, 7-9, Caucasian, daughter of Margaret and Tommy, she’s innocent and sweet. 3 days

  • Travis Pillar – male, 14-16, any ethnicity, husky young kid, wants to be a baseball player. He will be practicing alone swinging the bat. He doesn't have perfect form, but he is trying. He too is growing up in a verbally abusive home with his father being the aggressor. 3 days

  • Mr. Pillar – male, 40’s, any ethnicity, Travis’ verbally abusive dad, owns a local tire shop, smoker, he is hard due to lack of success in his own life. 1 day

  • Detective Horowitz – male, 40’s, any ethnicity, internal affairs investigating Tommy Conway’s involvement in the Thug’s murders. All Business. Clean cut. 1 Day

  • Cowgirl – female, 20’s, thin, attractive, any ethnicity, local girl who is out looking for a fun night. Flirty, looks great in jean shorts and comes off as a country gal. 1 Day,

  • Billy Caldwell – male, Caucasian, 40’s, a baseball scout for the majority of his life. 1 day

  • Ed Martinez - – male, Hispanic, 40’s, Yankees Scout, a baseball scout for the majority of his life. 1 day

  • Thug #1 & #2 (STUNT) - male, 20’s, Any ethnicity, Gangsters, up to no good, knows how to hold a gun, gets in a fight and gets beat up, stunt experience needed, these are hired men to scare and harm Jimmy. 1 day

To submit:

Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database (Create a profile) Click EVENTS (Tab) CLICK OPEN EVENTS

Locate the Event and reply YES to confirm your interest in this project. DECLINE any role that you are not available so I can remove you from this casting!

PLEASE NO TEXTS OR PHONE CALLS. Follow directions to submit online.

t immediately!

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director

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