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Katz Kasting Casting Notice:


Project Name: Princess Cut 2: Hearts on Fire Production Company: Watchman Pictures Producer: Paul Munger, Sheilah Munger

Director: Paul Munger Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting


Project Type: Faith-based Feature Film - Christian Romantic Drama

Logline/Brief Synopsis:

Two expectant couples that are best friends face crushing upheavals in their lives which force them to make life-altering choices.

Notes: 2nd of a 3 part trilogy following the same families. Some roles would require 2 picture deal. You can check out first film on Amazon Prime under Princess Cut.


Union Status: Non-Union. Do not apply if you are unable to work on a NON-UNION project.

Paid: $125 per day.

Film Dates: Oct 22 - Dec 8 Shoot Location: Winston-Salem, NC base; surrounding NC sites


Travel: LOCAL only, Self-report to call Lodging: Included Per Diems: N/A Meals/Snacks: Included while on set


Character Breakdown:

  • PAIGE - FEMALE, 8-10, Caucasian, Blonde or Brown hair, daughter to Clint and Grace, 2-picture role, 12 days, (SEE PHOTO OF GRACE & CLINT BELOW)

  • ARIANA - Spanish, FEMALE, 19-25, daughter to Miguel, 2-picture role, 11 days,attractive teen from Spain with kind eyes, needs to have a Castilian Spanish accent and bilingual, comes from Spain to stay with Paige’s family for a while, will need to learn a short flamenco dance with castanets. If you have your own flamenco spanish style dress that's a plus!

  • DREW - MALE, 19-25, Caucasian, Dark brown hair, Farm boy, lives and works on a farm, drives a tractor, is shy around girls, sweet, loves his neice, Gentleman, no tattoos, cares for his family, respects his parents, an all around good guy. Grace’s brother, Young Drew all grown up now. 2-picture role, 8 days (SEE PHOTO OF YOUNG DREW BELOW)

  • DEVIN - Caucasian, , MALE, 30-35, boyfriend to Tessa, 2-picture role, 3 days, stylish and very handsome, metrosexual, Type A personality, selfish, sports fanatic, does not want kids, pressures Tess to make a life altering decision

  • LINDA - Caucasian, , FEMALE, 35-45 2-picture role, 3 days, sophisticated business woman, sneaky, flirtacious and vindictive. She lies and causes someone to lose their job because of her lies. She is mean and hurtful. She is pretty and not used to someone rejecting her advances. She is liberal in her thinking and gets angry and aggressive when someone does not agree with her.

  • JUDGE WILLIAMS - Any ethnicity, MALE OR FEMALE, 45-65, 1 day. No nonsense. Serious. Could be biased towards women and let personal feelings or past hang-ups influence decisions that impact people's lives.

  • INNKEEPER / JAMES - African American, MALE, 50-70 yrs, 1 day, owner of the luxiurious Inn in the moutains. (No Lines!)

  • MIGUEL - Spanish, MALE, 35-40, friend of Clint from Spain, Dad to Ariana, 2-picture role, 2 days, strikingly handsome, speaks with a Castilian spanish accent and bilingual a plus , starting his fellowship at John Hopkins to be a Doctor.

  • MARY - Any ethnicity, FEMALE, 25-45, 2 days, Nurse & receptionist at the Clinic. Sweet, kind and caring. Gentle with patients. Soft spoken.

  • ATTORNEY - Any ethnicity, MALE, 35-55, 2 days

  • DOCTOR MARTIN- Any ethnicity, MALE, 40-60, 1 day, Jim's doctor, 2-picture deal

  • RACHEL PENNINGTON - Any ethnicity, FEMALE, 20-30, 1 day, woman in the lobby of the clinic, witnesses an altercation and must go to court to testify

  • PROSECUTOR - Any ethnicity, MALE 35-45, 1 day

  • COURT CLERK - Any ethnicity, MALE or FEMALE, 45-65, 1 day

  • NURSE - Any ethnicity, FEMALE, 30-40, 1 day


To submit:

Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database (Create a profile) Click EVENTS (Tab) CLICK OPEN EVENTS

Locate the Event and reply YES to confirm your interest in this project. DECLINE any role that you are not available so I can remove you from this casting!

PLEASE NO TEXTS OR PHONE CALLS. Follow directions to submit immediately!

Katz Kasting

Photo of Young Drew (PC#1)

photo of Grace & Clint (Paige's Parents)

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