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AUDITIONS: American Lover /Dallas TX

Katz Kasting Casting Notice:

Project Name; American Lover Production Company: Media World Studios Producer: Alin Bijan Director: Alin Bijan Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting

Project Type: Non-Union Feature Film Logline/Brief Synopsis: A successful businessman who has it all suddenly catches his wife cheating and his whole world crashes at his feet. This discovery throws him into a mad dating frenzy as he is struggling to hide his brokenness and hurt.

This is a Rated R Film. Mature audience, mature themes. No minors.


Union Status: Non-Union

Paid: $500 -$2000 Flat / Based on Role

Days Needed: Most roles will only be 2 days


Film Dates: TBD (Fall 2018) Date of Oct 1 posted for placeholder only! Shoot Location: Dallas, TX

Travel: Not Included/Provided by Actor Lodging: Not Included/Provided by Actor Per Diems: N/A Meals/Snacks: Included on set Credits: Screen credit & IMDB Credit


Character Breakdown:

SHANE LAMPIER - LEAD ROLE (age 25-30)- handsome, businessman, Architect, tall & sexy with gorgeous brown hair, super fine, well built and all the women want him. Very generous with his wealth, built an orphanage in Europe. He has it all, except children. He wants children, but his wife is hesitant! Catches his wife cheating on him. He is so heartbroken he falls into the depths of despair trying to ease his pain with alcohol and a string of women who are throwing themselves at him. love scenes. 565 lines

ABBY NORMAN (age 20-25)- Female Shane's assistant/Personal secretary that would look like a model without her glasses and put up hair style, pretty but looks nerdy, falls for Shane. No nudity. 132 lines

BROOKE REYNOLDS (age 18-25) Female, Caucasian, Dee's sister, seductive, crazy, sabotages Shane's dates. Uninhibited. She is secretly in love with Shane. She knows her sister is cheating on Shane so she sets him up for heartbreak thinking that he will run into her arms. 127 lines. 2 LOVE SCENES with Shane

DEE LAMPIER (age 20-25) Female, Caucasian, Shane's wife & then ex-wife, promiscuous, cheats on Shane, sexy and extremely beautiful with eyes always focused on getting a bigger diamond, trophy wife. Loves to show off her wealth. Seductive. 84 lines. 2 love scenes: Shane & Bachelor

TONY (age 25-30) Shane's business colleague and wingman, tall, handsome, not as sexy as Shane. Divorced, his wife left him with 2 kids, always gets called away to tend to his young kids. 69 lines. No Nudity.

CARL (age 25-30)- Abby's boyfriend, loser personality, an asshole, lower class, beats Abby. 20 lines. No nudity.

REBECCA (age 18-25)- Sexy, picks up Shane at the bar, tells him to become someone new. She finds Shane drinking his sorrows away at the bar, she notices how sad he looks and tries to cheer him up. She is the first one to show him attention and he ends up in bed with her. 40 lines. Love scene with Shane.

MANDY (age 18-25) sexy, beautiful body, loses purse at Shane's house. Steamed up Shower scene, love scene in the shower, does sexy strip show out of her robe and then gets dressed in front of Shane 21 lines

VERONICA (age 18-25)- Gorgeous, wild, uninhibited, meets Shane at a bar and invites him to her house. Has a 3some with Shane & Zoey. 18 lines

ZOEY (age 18-25)- beautiful, short, very promiscuous, Veronica’s friend, flashes Shane while riding in the passenger side, has a 3some with Veronica and Shane. 12 lines

VICTORIA (age 18-25) Brooke's friend who sleeps with Shane, sexy. love scene. 5 lines


To submit:

Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database (Create a profile) Click EVENTS (Tab) CLICK OPEN EVENTS

Locate the Event and reply YES to confirm your interest in this project. DECLINE any role that you are not available so I can remove you from this casting!

PLEASE NO TEXTS OR PHONE CALLS. Follow directions to submit immediately!

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director

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