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Spring Film Audition Workshop


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for a FILM/TV AUDITION Workshop with Casting Director, Katrina Cook in Dallas, TX.

"Video Auditions: Booking the Role" Spring Workshop for Teens & Adults!

  • Valuable information that will improve your video audition submissions!

  • How many video auditions did you do last year?

  • How many roles did you book?

  • Is your video audition strong enough to be competitive or is it flopping in the first 4 seconds?

  • Are you not making the final cut? Do you know why?

  • Why continue to do the same thing over and over for the same result? Sometimes all it takes is some guidance to point you in the right direction.

  • Focusing on Video Audition techniques, which can carry over to live auditions as well.

This workshop is geared specifically for those who have been training and working on your craft, but can't seem to book the role. I'm excited to share with you these techniques and tips that I have seen capture the Director's attention and landed actors with key roles this past year.


FAQ: How can I make my audition stand out? By the end of this workshop, you will have the techniques you need to create unique choices and submit a video audition that will stand out from the crowd.


"It was so great attending your workshop, It was most informative and helpful. I would recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to improve their skills for auditioning and for their overall acting career. Your honesty and willingness to go the extra mile to help everyone who attended was so greatly appreciated. I flew to Dallas from Connecticut to attend the class and would recommend the same to any one who was looking for solid advice and skill development. - Deborah W.

Workshop Topics: Video Auditions for Film / TV

  • Being Memorable & Interesting - Being predictable is boring. It won't book you the role.

  • Standing out from the Crowd - I see literally thousands of videos per project, back to back. Sometimes it's all just a big blur. How do you pull yourself out from the "blur" and increase your chances of getting that "Callback!"

  • Creative openers - Do you know how long Directors watch your video before they say "no?" Let's make those openers grab their attention and never let go!

  • Making Strong Choices - Creative ways to make strong choices to ensure that your performance will be different.

  • On-Camera Workshop using real scenes from scripts that are coming up or have been cast by Katz Kasting. We are focusing on video auditions and making them better. We may or may not have time to do group scenes.

  • DATE: SAT March 2, 2019 TIME: 10am-5pm (7 HOURS/ break for lunch) LOCATION: DALLAS, TX

  • Join Casting Director Katrina Cook in a 1-day workshop of audition prep and performance.

  • OPEN FOR AGES 12 & ABOVE. While this is geared towards those who are currently training and working on their craft, this is still appropriate for First time, Beginners or Intermediate actors! We will jump right into performance aspects, so please know the basics of auditioning before hand. Scene content & language is appropriate for all ages, and age-appropriate scenes will be used for minors. Class size is limited for individual attention.




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