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Katz Kasting Casting Notice: Ep 1.06 CARRIER/GARCIA

Project Name; LONE STAR JUSTICE Director: Jonny Mars Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting

Project Type: Crime Re-enactment, Cable TV Series (Pilot) Network: ID Channel Brief Synopsis: Cold Case Investigations Union Status: Union or Non-Union may apply: This is non-dramatic programming and not subject to Global1/No Contract No Work.



Death: 1999 & 2001

In July of 1999, Susanna Arroyo, Hersain Gomez and four other teens were charged with the stabbing and beating death of 18-year-old Adam Carrier. Four of the teens were tried and given life sentences, but Susanna Arroyo and Gomez fled south of the border. It was two years later Susanna's older brother Saul was himself a murder suspect charged with the shooting death of 31-year-old Joel Garcia. He, like his sister, fled to Mexico where they finally were caught.


Need actors to help tell the Victim's story. Actors will be portraying real people from a real murder that occurred. The actor portraying the victim will be re-enacting a brutal attack that occurred and may be sitting or laying for hours in pools of fake blood as we re-create this tragedy to tell the victim's story.

HAIR/FACIAL HAIR - If cast as a role with a photo, you will be required to cut your hair or facial hair to match the photo.

DISCLAIMER: All roles are subject to change, be downsized or removed altogether by the network. We are working on a tight block of days, so actor flexibility is required.


Paid: Paid: $196 per day (Supporting- bigger roles) / $140 per day (featured-important but smaller roles) /$126 per day (small roles/possible non-speaking)

Ep 1.04 & Ep 1.06 will film concurrently & in 2 blocks. You must have NO MAJOR (unmovable) CONFLICTS during any of these dates.

Film Dates:

BLOCK 1: Wednesday, March 27th - Friday, March 29th // 3 days

BLOCK 2: Monday, April 1st - Thursday, April 4th // 4 days

Shoot Location: Texas - Haltom City, Dallas, various homes/crime scenes in the Metroplex area.


Local Hire: Talent who can work as a local hire to Dallas, TX (area)

Travel/Lodging/Per Diems: Not Included/Provided by Actor

LOCAL HIRE ONLY. These castings require network approval and could be done last minute. No guarantees on multiple or consecutive dates or advance notice of set days. Self report each day of call.


Character Breakdown: Re-enactments (Must look similar to the real person if photo is available)

  • Adam Carrier (Victim #1) - $196/day. 18 years old, White Male, about 6'4, skinny, brown hair, Sweet boy, always wanted to make others happy. Killed in the woods, at night, beat up and stabbed July 1, 1999, lived in Tennessee, on vacation to celebrate his high school graduation. Carrier tried to buy marijuana from Susanna Arroyo along with several other gang members. Overnight scenes, Will be lying on the ground in the woods. (PHOTO)

  • Joel Garcia (Victim #2) - $196 DAY. killed in 2001. Male, 31 years old, Hispanic, He was a Mexican citizen, and he was in Texas working, and he had family in Mexico. And the money that he would make working here he would send / back to his family in Mexico. (NO PHOTO)

  • Aaron Warren - $196 day. Adam's friend. Male, white, 19 years, College student. Came on vacation with Adam. Tried to buy marijuana from Susanna Arroyo along with several other gang members. He is questioned by the cops and appears to know more than he is saying. (NO PHOTO)

  • Hersain Gomez (Suspect #1) - $196 day. 5'5, 140 lbs, 25 years old, Hispanic, shaved head, meets the boys at a party at the lake and goes with them to buy marijuana. leader in a local gang. Mastermind behind the murders. No remorse. Flees to Mexico. (PHOTO)

  • Susanna Arroyo (Suspect #2) - $196 DAY. Female, Hispanic, 23 years old, shoulder length or long black hair, no bangs, 5'2, 110 lbs, meets the boys at a party at the lake and goes with them to buy marijuana. member of the Northside Crips gang. Sister of Saul Arroyo. Beats up Adam with a tire iron, flees to Mexico. (PHOTO)

  • Saul Arroyo (Suspect #3) - $196 DAY. Male, Hispanic, short dark brown hair, goatee, 5'8 , 140 lbs, 24 years old, Susanna's older brother, Saul & Joel got into an argument at a casual BBQ party. (PHOTO)

  • Deputy Sean Parrish - $196/day Smith county Deputy. Male, Caucasian, 30s, dark or brown hair. First on the scene. 20 year younger version of attached pic. (PHOTO)

  • Wayne Thomas - $196/day Tyler PD. First on the scene for second murder. Male, Caucasian, 30s, sandy blonde or medium brown hair. 20 year younger version of attached pic. (PHOTO)

  • Michael Thompson - $140/day. Male, Hispanic, 18-23, Tipster who calls 911. Part of a group of teens that met Adam and Aaron. Sets up a meeting for them to buy marijuana and assists in plotting a scheme to rob Aaron and Adam. (PHOTO)

  • Jose Arroyo (Dad) - $140/day. Male, Hispanic, 50s, father of Saul and Susanna. Under 5 lines.

  • US Marshall- $125 day. Male, Any ethnicity, 35-50, captures the fugitives. Under 5 lines.

  • Ticket Seller (Bus Station) - $125 day. White Female. 21-60. Works at the bus station.

  • Mrs Rasco - $125 day. Joe's wife. Female, caucasian, Mid-late 40s. Late night phone call, awaken from sleep. 1 line.

  • Clara - $125 day. Hispanic Female, late 20s-early 30s. Speaks in Broken english. Spanish accent. At the BBQ. Gets questioned by police. 1 line.

  • Manny - $125 day. Hispanic Male. 25-35. Speaks in Broken english. Spanish accent. At the BBQ. Gets questioned by police. 2 lines.

  • Border Patrol - $125 day. Male, 40s, caucasian or hispanic. Spots the vehicle crossing into Mexico. 1 line.

  • Party goer- $125 day. Hispanic. Male or Female, 25-35. Bilingual. Speaks in Broken english. Spanish accent. At the BBQ. Gets questioned by police. 1 line.





SLATE AT THE END. Slate must include: Name, Agency, Age (if minor), HEIGHT & Can you work as a Local hire in Dallas, TX?

VIDEO RETURN: 1) Login to the KatzKasting database & add to the Audition Event Page for Episode 106

2) Upload to My Dropbox

3) If my Dropbox is full, send your own dropbox or wetransfer link to KATRINA@KATZKASTING.COM

If your info is not in the KatzKasting database, you will need to send an email with your headshot/resume & contact info AFTER you upload to Dropbox.


To submit: Submit online or via email


Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database (Create a profile) Click EVENTS (Tab) CLICK OPEN EVENTS

Locate the Event for "EP 106 CARRIER GARCIA // LONE STAR JUSTICE // TEXAS" and download the scenes & return your video before the deadline.


send photo asap to KATZ@KATZKASTING.COM with subject "LSJ ep 1.06/(Role of Interest) " and your contact info. If you match the photos, Check your email for a reply.

PLEASE NO TEXTS OR PHONE CALLS. Follow directions to submit immediately!

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director

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