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PAID EXTRAS $ / Lone Star Justice /ID Channel /Ep 104 & 106

Katz Kasting Casting Notice: PAID BACKGROUND EXTRAS

Project Name; LONE STAR JUSTICE Director: Jonny Mars Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting

Project Type: Crime Re-enactment, Cable TV Series (Pilot) Network: ID Channel Brief Synopsis: Cold Case Investigations Union Status: Non-Union

Paid: $64 for 8 hours / $80 for 10 Hours

Film Dates: MARCH 28- 30 & APRIL 1-4, 2019

Shoot Location: HALTOM CITY & DALLAS. Office scenes in Haltom City, Crime Scenes at various homes in DFW Area.

Travel: Not Included/Provided by Actor Lodging: Not Included/Provided by Actor Per Diems: N/A Meals/Snacks: Included on set (Meals on days longer than 6 hours)


  • POLICE / DEPUTIES/BORDER PATROL/- Age 25 -50. Male, UNIFORM PROVIDED. Must wear size Large or Smaller for the Uniform. These are roles needed every episode, different towns, different people.

  • HISPANIC PARTY GOERS - BBQ party. Hispanic, male & female. Age 21-36. Young, friends of the victim. You will need to pretend you don't speak english and don't understand what the cops are asking you. Wearing: jeans, cowboy boots, khaki dickies, flannels

  • BUS DEPOT EXTRAS - Male and Female. Age 16 & up. Not able to book entire families or guarantee booking of other family members. Only submit if you can be booked as an individual extra. At the bus depot in 1999. some in travel clothes ( jeans/ t shirts/ tennis shoes) some business attire (slacks/button up/ ties/ dress shoes)

  • DETECTIVES/FEDS - Male, Age 30-45, wearing your own dress suit, dress shirt and tie. Professional look. Clean cut, clean shaven or close trimmed facial hair, no long beards or long hair. Western boots or dress shoes. Cowboy hats if you have them.

  • CSI - Male, Age 25-50. Wearing western jeans, Plaid flannel shirt, cowboy boots, belt buckle, cowboy hat.

  • TEXAS RANGERS - Male, Age 35-50, good shape. BRING: White dress shirt, tie, khaki pants, boots, Cowboy hat.

  • SWAT TEAM - Male 25-45. Good shape. BRING: black boots, black polos/ black t shirts, black cargo pants if you have them. If you need to wear ours, you must have a waist size smaller than 34.



To sign up for other days or future extra work on this series, follow the directions below! Email submissions are only considered if you fit the listed roles above & can be booked immediately.


To submit:

1. Take this short Extras Quiz to be eligible to be a paid extra with Katz Kasting

(Your score will be emailed to me upon completion)

2. Submit online or via email


Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database (Create a profile) Click EVENTS (Tab) CLICK OPEN EVENTS

Locate the Event for "EXTRAS LONE STAR JUSTICE"

There is a generic sign up page for all episodes. Once you "CONFIRM" On this generic page, you will be added to the Extras list for this series and you may select specific roles/dates of interest.

Once you are booked you will receive an email and you will have 6-8 hours to confirm this booking. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR EMAILS! You must check your email every day!

ONLY if you have problems submitting online -------> Email:

2 photos (1 clear photo of your face & 1 full body shot - selfie's are okay, do not send photos with other people in it, photo must be recent and of current hair color & style, and current facial hair lengths (guys) ) to KATZ@KATZKASTING.COM with subject "LSJ extras" and your contact info. Tell me if you have already done the extras quiz. In order to be hand picked by the Director for small scenes it requires sign-up online so that you can be included on the picklist.

PLEASE NO TEXTS OR PHONE CALLS. Follow directions to submit immediately!

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director

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