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3 Things That Get You Noticed

As an actor, one of the most important things is being noticed!

Here are 3 Things that get you noticed with Katz Kasting.

(1) A Good Head shot / Profile Picture in the database - Crisp, clear photo distinctly showing your head and shoulders with an image that looks exactly like you (hair color, hair style, hair length, beard length, braces, wrinkles). Professional head-shots are required if submitting for speaking roles. Submissions for extra work are more relaxed and non-professional photos are acceptable. We are skimming literally hundreds or thousands of photos for each casting, if your photo is blurry, turned the wrong direction, or not professional, it's likely that you may be overlooked.

(2) Multiple Photos Available - the ability to quickly access multiple photos (preferably professional) with alternate looks (various hair styles/looks) and 3/4" and full length body shots. If our viewing options are limited to a single headshot, it's possible that you get eliminated from consideration if there are other actors with multiple options that look more fitting to our casting needs.

(3) Responsive! - You check your emails!! Be Quick to submit, and quick to acknowledge questions or bookings from the casting office. Quick to return phone calls or text messages. Responsive to wardrobe or other inquiries from other departments once booked. Once you submit to a project, we expect you to have already checked your calendar and are available for immediate booking. The easier it is to book & count on you to show up, the more opportunities will be available to you.


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