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Atlanta Locals: Casting "Oberlin" (Short)

Now Casting: Lead & Principal Roles (Atlanta, Ga/ Atlanta Locals)

Casting Director: Katrina Cook

Katz Kasting

Production Company: Insurreal Pictures

Project Name: Oberlin (Short)

Genre: Historical, Action, Based on a True Story

Logline or Short Synopsis: When two U.S. Marshals kidnap runaway slave John Price from the streets of Oberlin in 1858, Price’s friends rally the townspeople to take up arms and free Price by force.

Short to raise funding for the feature film.

Producer/Director: Dr J.P. Johnston

Filming Dates: Feb 23 & 24, 2023

Filming Location: Atlanta, Ga

Union Status: Non-Union

Atlanta Local Hire Only

Travel: Not Included

Lodging: Not Included

Pay: Lead $300/day, Principal $125/day, Featured $75 (½ day)

Days Needed: 1 Work Day

Character Breakdown:

John Price - LEAD $300/day, 2 days, Feb 23 & 24.

(Male) - (black) - (to play 18) -John Price was an 18-year-old troubled runaway slave arrested by two federal Marshals in Oberlin, Ohio.

Charles G. Finney - $125 / day (1 day, Feb 24) Male, Caucasian, 50-60s, gray, bearded, American lawyer, Dean of Oberlin College, activist for abolitionism. Professional, studious, scholarly.

Professor $125 / day (1 day, Feb 24) Male, Caucasian, 50-60s, gray, bearded, professor at Oberlin College, colleague of Charles Finney but does not share in his same views. Conservative, professional, scholarly.

Bit - $125 / day (1 day, Feb 23) Male, black, 20s-40s, large, muscular, well built. Captured slave who is rescued.

Shackled Captive - $125 / day (1 day, Feb 23) , Male or female, black, 20s-30s. Will fight to be free and escape.

Rescuer #1, #2 & #3 - $125 / day (1 day, Feb 23) Male or female, Caucasian, 20s-50s. An abolitionist who is part of the rescue team for Price. Will need to carry and point a rifle.


Adeline - $75 / half day (1 day, Feb 24. Female, Caucasian, 20s-30s, Only 1 scene. Non-speaking. Going more for someone with the right look.) Sweet, kind, gentle. Shares a tender moment with Langston upon his captive.

To submit to this casting:

Due to the low pay of this casting, self-submission is encouraged

Through Your Agent:

  • Agent must submit you via either Casting Networks


  • KatzKasting database ( >Login > Events > Open > Find this one > CONFIRM STATUS

  • Casting Networks

  • Email submissions accepted only for new talent who are not in the database, if you want to submit to future jobs, Join Database so you can submit online

To audition:

  • Auditions will be done by self-tape

  • If you are selected to audition you will receive an email with detailed instructions on what we need from you.

  • If you do not hear from us, you were not selected for this one. Follow-ups are not needed. Not everyone who submits will be asked to audition.

Email submissions are not encouraged and there is no guarantee that an email will be seen in time to be considered for this casting. Please follow the above directions to make sure you are exactly where you need to be in order to be seen for this casting.

Thank you!

Katrina Cook

Casting Director

Katz Kasting

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