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Background Actors: TBN Tv Special (Weatherford, Tx)

KatzKasting: BACKGROUND Casting TBN TV Special “Jesus in the Passover”

Casting Director: Katrina Cook

Katz Kasting

Paid $200/day for 10 Background Actors filming on location in Capernaum Village (Poolville, Tx)

Production Company: Rare Bird

Project Name: Jesus in the Passover

Project Type: TBN TV Special

Genre: Easter, Faith based, Period Piece, Biblical Times, Egypt

Logline or Short Synopsis: Story about the Passover

Distribution/Usage: Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) TV

Producer: Cassie Arza

Filming Date: Saturday, February 25 2023

Filming Location: Weatherford, Tx (Capernaum Village/Poolville)

Union Status: Non-Union

Terms of Hire: Local Hire Only

Travel: Not Provided

Lodging: Not Provided

Meals: On-Set

Pay: $200/day

Character Breakdown:

TOWNSPEOPLE - Mix of Male/Female, Adults/Teens/Kids. Must look Middle Eastern/Arabic/Mediterranean/Persian/Egyptian. We will be booking only 10 BG total for this project. 4 Women, 4 Men, 1 Kid, 1 Teen. They will be various ages and looks. You must have dark brown, black or gray hair, hazel or dark color eyes, and olive skin tone. No light or unnatural hair colors, plain basic hair styles. You can not wear nail polish or jewelry, so make sure you can look the part before you submit.

Wardrobe Provided. You may need to bring “Jesus Sandals”

To submit to this casting:


  • Self-Submissions only


  • KatzKasting database ( >Login > Events > Open > Find this one > CONFIRM STATUS

  • Only if you are unable to submit online, do not send duplicate submissions, EMAIL photo & info to KATZ@KATZKASTING.COM with subject “TBN Townspeople ”

Selection Process:

  • Selected based on your photo & fit for the role.

Thank you!

Katrina Cook

Casting Director

Katz Kasting


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