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CASTING: CIY "Howie Pray" /Joplin, MO / Lodging + Travel

Katz Kasting Casting Notice:

PROJECT NAME: CIY: Prayer Tips with Howie Pray PRODUCTION COMPANY: Christ in Youth Productions (CIY) CASTING DIRECTOR: Katrina Cook, KatzKasting DIRECTOR: MD Neely

PLEASE - NO PHONE CALLS!!!! Everything we have to tell you is in this posting.

FILM TYPE: This is a comedic play on a commercial/infomercial.

NOTE: Strong Christian worldview content. Talent must be okay with the topic not necessarily aligning with personal views.

Title: Prayer Tips with Howie Pray

Audience: Jr. High students attending CIY Believe!

============================================================= Dates: Rehearsal on Monday, August 19th (6 hour day), Shoot days (12 hour days) 20th, 21st

Shooting location: Joplin, MO

Union Status: Non-union. You must be able to work on a non-union project.

PAY: $291 Talent Rate +20% Agency Fee= $350 day

MODIFIED LOCAL HIRE. Lodging + Travel Allowance (*See Below)

HOTEL: 1 Private Room (Parent+Minor or Single Adult) Provided night before your shoot and during shoot (if needed multiple days).

TRAVEL ALLOWANCE (To Joplin): CIY will reimburse travel costs up to $400 total per role. Expenses while traveling to Joplin may include (1) flight, gas, rental car, meals or lodging while traveling. Transportation to and from set is responsibility of talent.

Not included: Meals outside of call time on shoot days. Guest meals. We do not pay per diem.

Cast Breakdown: *Please note, all shooting days are estimates at this point. The script is still in draft phase and number of shoot days can change (more or less).

ENSEMBLE CAST: All roles are key roles.

  • Howie Pray: (LEAD) male, 30 - 50 years old, open ethnicity, speaking , Comedic role, Strong, muscular, body builder type. Cross between Mr T & a high school coach. Dashing smile. ($145 for 1 rehearsal day, $291/day for 2 shooting days +20% Agency Fees. Talent Pay + Agent Fees Total $875) – we are looking for a strong, body-builder like type

  • Gemma: (CO-LEAD) female, 13-18 years old, open ethnicity, speaking ($145 for 1 rehearsal day, $291/day for 2 shooting days +20% Agency Fees. Talent Pay + Agent Fees Total $875)

  • Cyndi: (CO-LEAD)female, 13-18 years old, open ethnicity, speaking, fast talker, loves horses and wants to be an equestrian groomer or vet for horses when she grows up. ($145 for 1 rehearsal day, $291/day for 2 shooting days +20% Agency Fees. Talent Pay + Agent Fees Total $875)

  • Anthony: (CO-LEAD) male, 13-18 years old, open ethnicity, speaking ($145 for 1 rehearsal day, $291/day for 2 shooting days +20% Agency Fees. Talent Pay + Agent Fees Total $875)

  • Fine Print:

  • AGENCY FEE - Agency Fees of 20% for a non-union job are included in the Total pay. When submitting through an agent, the agent will invoice the client & receive the check for you. If check is sent directly to you, you are responsible for paying out the agency fees to your agent, if applicable. If you do not have an agent, you can use this towards your travel fees. 

  • Travel Specifics. CIY will reimburse travel costs up to $400 no matter if traveling alone or with a parent. Travel allowance is a reimbursement that is added on your invoice (keep receipts!) and will be included with your paycheck. This can be towards (1) RT Flight, Gas expenses, Rental Car, Meals on the road, and hotel (if needed) BEFORE you get to Joplin. Hotel while in Joplin is provided by CIY and does not come from the designated travel allowance.

  • HOTEL PROVIDED: Once you reach Joplin, Hotel is provided the night before and during the shoot. One room per role for a single adult or parent+minor. Additional Guests are welcome to travel with you & may stay with you in the same room but are not to be included in meal reimbursements while on the road. Guests are not included in any cast meals during shooting and may or may not be able to remain on set during shooting. Pets are not able to be accommodated.

================================== AUDITIONS BY VIDEO ONLY.


To submit: AGENTS must submit via Breakdown Services or Casting Networks. Talent may self-submit online via KatzKasting database, AA or CN. (Allow 48 hrs for notice to be posted on other sites) Email submissions are not considered.


Go to Click LOGIN or JOIN DATABASE/New Talent Click EVENTS Look under "Open Events" & Locate the Event with this title. Find the specific role of interest and change your status to CONFIRM

AUDITION SPECIFICS: If you are selected to move forward in the Casting process you will receive a specific Audition invite (Via email or KatzKasting database) that will include the Sides/Scenes for the Video Audition, along with detailed instructions.

CHECK YOUR EMAILS, & YOUR SPAM (or Gmail: Updates Tab) ! Or you can login to KatzKasting database to view audition requests from your home page.

You must upload the Video Audition to the Audition Invite (details sent to those who are selected). If you are not selected to move forward, you will not receive an audition invite. Do not follow up, email me, or call me. Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director

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