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UPDATE: SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. If you have an outstanding video, please get it in promptly!

Katz Kasting Casting Notice:

PROJECT NAME: Polaris PRODUCTION COMPANY: Christ in Youth Productions (CIY) FILM TYPE: Short Film, Promo CASTING DIRECTOR: Katrina Cook, KatzKasting DIRECTOR: MD Neely NOTE: Do NOT contact the Director or CIY directly by phone or email. Follow the directions to be considered.

THEME: Two siblings get separated from their dad in a white-water rafting accident and have to come together to survive.

REQUIREMENT: Talent needs to know how to swim and be comfortable around (rushing water/river/lake) as they will be in & around water during filming. Water safety will be utmost priority, talent will be wearing a life jacket, sitting in a raft on water, they cross the river and Sarah pulls Kevin out of the water.

PURPOSE/USAGE: This film will play at CIY’s Believe tour Spring of 2022. The event theme is "The One and Only" and will revolve around John 14:6. NOTE: Christian worldview content. Talent must be okay with the topic not necessarily aligning with personal views.

Previous Projects:

PAY: $375/day + 20% Agency Fee ($75) = $450/day total pay (Note: CIY Will pay your Agency Fee if applicable)

MODIFIED LOCAL HIRE. Lodging + Per diem + Travel Allowance

SHOOT DATE: Early October 2021, Exact dates TBD – estimated 4-5 DAYS

SHOOT LOCATION: Buena Vista, Colorado (Denver Metro Area)

TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: CIY will reimburse travel costs up to $500. This can be used towards car rentals, flights, gas, lodging, or meals/food on the road.

INCLUDED: Lodging (1 hotel room) during filming, 2 meals and craft services day of filming, Per Diem of $15 for dinner on each filming day.

NOT INCLUDED (Counts toward travel allowance): Any meals outside the filming day. Transportation to and from set is responsibility of talent. (Rental Car or Uber)


CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: Sarah – (minor) female, open to ethnicities. 14-16 year old. Strong willed, protects herself by not letting people get too close. Loves her little brother but he’s so annoying. Her deepest fear is to be abandoned. (4-5 days) Kevin – (minor) male, open to ethnicities. 11-13 year old. Loves puns, Nintendo switch, not super outdoorsy. Loves his older sister but she’s so dramatic. Believes the best about the people and situations in his life. (3-5 days) Dad – male, open to ethnicities. 40-45 years old. Divorced 5 years ago, has been the rock for his kids. Took his kids on their first trip as a family of 3 only to be separated from them in a rafting accident. (1-2 days) – To save $ would love to find someone who lives in the Denver/Colorado Springs area if possible, please let us know where you would be coming from!


Since we are nearing the deadline, I am opening up the casting!

Make sure you READ the role descriptions before you submit. If you do not fit the speciffics and you do a video, you waste both of our time!


If you receive a callback, we will let you know!!!

Katrina Cook

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