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Casting Dallas Locals for Background Actors - Lifetime Movie "Killer Rivalry"

Extras Casting - Lifetime Movie "Killer Rivalry"

Casting Dallas Metroplex locals to be background actors in a new Lifetime Movie "Killer Rivalry"

Katz Kasting is holding an (online) open casting call for those interested in working on the film as background actors. Those who are selected to work on the project as extras will be paid. Shooting will begin NEXT WEEK and we are looking to hire locals to work as extras through October. Filming will be in the Dallas, Lewisville, Metroplex areas. The casting call is open to Men and Women of all ethnicities, ages 9 or older that fit the extras breakdown posted below.


ALL SPEAKING ROLES HAVE BEEN CAST!! This is for Background Work only. DO NOT APPLY if you can not do background work in Dallas TX. Thanks!

HOW: SUMBIT YOUR Online KatzKasting Profile ASAP. Make sure your profile Includes your height, weight, and clothing sizes, best phone number to reach you at and what area you live in. Those with incomplete profiles may not be selected.

While there is NO guarantee of work we will try our best. This is an ALL day obligation!

Film Dates: Oct 12-24, 2021

To view available extra days & to submit:

Go to Click LOGIN or Join Database (Create a profile) Click EVENTS (Tab) CLICK OPEN EVENTS

Locate the Event and reply YES to confirm your interest in this project. DECLINE any role that you are not available so I can remove you from this casting!

PLEASE NO TEXTS OR PHONE CALLS. Follow directions to submit immediately!

Thanks! Katrina Cook Casting Director


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