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Casting "I Voted!" - Austin Texas // Feature Film

Casting “I Voted” - Austin, TX

Casting Director: Katrina Cook

Katz Kasting

Production Company: Ruined Man Productions

Project Name: I Voted

Project Type: Feature Film

Genre: Political Drama/ Thriller

Short Synopsis: Things get ugly when a group of strangers who are trying to vote undergo lockdown at their polling location in an already tense presidential election.

Producer: Kristina Mann, Rachel DeRouen, Tyler Mann

Director: Tyler Mann

Filming Dates: September 11, 2023 (for 3 weeks)

Filming Location: Austin, Tx

Pay: $125/day

Union Status: Non-Union

Local Hire to Austin, Texas: No expenses paid

Character Breakdown:


Female, 30s, Latina, Ana is a “don’t rock the boat” and “keep your nose to the grindstone” type of person. She works as a nurse where she is undermined by doctors everyday. She shies away from conflict to her own detriment at times. She doesn’t really care about politics as much as she should and is only voting because of her father’s insistence. We primarily experience the story through her.


Male, Late 30s, White, Pale, skinny, gruff-looking. Jimmy is a hot head. He takes up righteous causes to fight for and believes in conspiracy theories he reads online. Everything in his eyes is a potential reason to go to war. He wants what he believes is best for his country.


Female, Mid 30’s, White, Jimmy’s unkempt brunette wife. Amber bases her whole life on one word, loyalty. For which, she practices everyday in all aspects of life. She had a rough upbringing, but has since redeemed her ways and has a very blessed life. She fears for what could affect the life she’s built for herself.


Female, 20’s, White, looks like a patriotic Barbie doll. Kelly came from an upper middle class family and currently makes money as a social media influencer. She is confident, out-spoken and believes strongly in drastic social change.


Male, Mid 20’s, Black. Has a weight lifter’s physique. Keshawn calls it like he sees it. He’s not afraid to call a spade a spade. He has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. He’s only intolerant of intolerant people. He’s jaded from an overwhelming amount of run-ins with the cops. He is a recent Ex-Marine and easily triggered by injustice but really it is because of deeper issues which he is not willing to work on, likely PTSD.


Female, 60s-70s, Open Ethnicity, Sweet looking poll volunteer. Betty is just about the sweetest grandmother you could ask for. She always smells of fresh baked cookies. She is also extremely impassioned for causes that help other people which is why she volunteers a lot for her retirement.


Male, 60’s, White, Poll Volunteer, wearing his polo and slacks with a crew cut hairstyle. Pete has worked his entire life for his family. He put his dreams aside early on so that he could provide for his family. He is a veteran who was proud to serve his country. He is recently widowed shortly after retirement and just wants to spend time with his adult kids.


Male, 50’s, MENA/Black/Middle Eastern, Poll Volunteer. Roger chose to not go by his real name, Muhammed, after 9/11. He isn’t trying to hide his Muslim faith as much as it is just easier to get by in the US with a more Americanized name. He has worked hard for everything in his life.


Female, White, 40s, Tanya is the mother you see at every church and PTA event. She enjoys being a part of her community, but prefers to be in charge as she’s a self-proclaimed perfectionist. She briefly attended college before earning her MRS degree and having 4 kids.


Female/Trans-Female, Mid 20’s, Open Ethnicity, very young poll volunteer, wearing glasses, using the computer. Hailey is a perpetual student. In undergrad she double-majored in Sociology and Political Science and is getting her Master’s in Cultural Anthropology. Growing up in foster homes, she had to work hard and wants to make the world nicer for everyone through meaningful, structural change.


Male, 30-40s, Open Ethnicity, flamboyant business man wearing an expensive tailored suit, Luke is very good when it comes to business. He likes making money and he’s good at it. He has recently been broken up with by his partner because there was never a moment when he wasn’t thinking about his next business venture. Money makes the world go ‘round after all.


Male, 18, Asian American, Ben is excited to vote in his first presidential election. He has been thinking a lot about who to vote for. As he starts hearing all viewpoints in person. He is very impressionable and doesn’t know when he is being manipulated.


Female, Black, 30s-40s, Sandra is a mother to Cameron who is hearing impaired. She also is a 5th grade school teacher. She has strong family values and believes the key to a happy future is education. She will protect her son at all costs. Familiarity with ASL is preferred.


(Minor Child) Male, Black, 7-9 years old, deaf, Knows ASL. Minor child will need a Texas work permit & Coogan account to be cast. Indirect Mature content includes: language, gore/blood, violence, gunshots, and child may be able to not be on set during these times.

To submit to this casting:


  • Casting Networks

  • Actors Access /BDS


  • KatzKasting database ( >Login > Events > Open > Find this one > CONFIRM STATUS

  • Casting Networks

  • Actors Access

  • Only if you are unable to submit online, do not send duplicate submissions, EMAIL photo & info to KATZ@KATZKASTING.COM with subject “(Name of Project)/ (Role) ”

Selection Process:

  • You will be selected based on your photo and any other media you have available.

Casting ASAP

Thank you!

Katrina Cook

Casting Director

Katz Kasting


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