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Casting: Music Video "Let it Out" // Weatherford, Tx

Now Casting: Actors, Models, and Influencers for Music Video (Weatherford, TX)

Casting Director: Katrina Cook

Katz Kasting

Type: Music Video “Let It Out”

Artist/Band: LA Edwards

Genre: Period Piece, Alt Country Band

Song: “Let it Out” featured on Yellowstone Season 5, Dec 20 episode.

Producer: Notable Producer, Undisclosed

Filming Dates: 1/15/23

Time Needed: 1 days TBD

Filming Location: Weatherford, Texas

Union Status: Non-Union

Local Hire to Weatherford, Tx: No expenses paid

Pay: Lead $500/day, Principal $400/day

Wardrobe: Provided

Character Breakdown:

JIM - Lead, Male, 35, any ethnicity, The groundskeeper at a distinguished rodeo ranch. Modern day. Handsome, rugged, and self-assured, he's also mourning the recent death of his wife and seeking a way to move on. 1-2 days, $500/day, Total: Up to $1000 (inclusive of agency fees)

NICOLE - Lead, Female, 35, caucasian, has red hair or will wear a red wig. Modern day. The owner and proprietor of Nic's Bar. A beautiful, strong, self-assured woman who works the bar herself and sees her patrons as a community that she looks after. Especially now that she is a ghost and she is ushering in the ghosts of old patrons back from the beyond to relive the old days and tie up loose ends.1 day, Flat Rate: $500 (inclusive of agency fees)

GEORGE - Principal, Male, 20, any ethnicity, Period Costume, A young, boyish cowboy from the 1800s who, had he lived long enough, had the talent and charisma to become a champion. He is cocky when it comes to his skills but shy when it comes to the ladies but can dance a wicked two-step when the occasion calls for it. 1 day, Flat Rate: $400 (inclusive of agency fees)

ESTHER - Principal,Female, 20, any ethnicity, Period Costume, A beautiful co-ed college student form the 1940s. She comes from a wealthy family but wants to get away from her stuffy upbringing and has a thing for cowboys. 1 day, Flat Rate: $400 (inclusive of agency fees)

THOMAS - Principal,Male, 60, caucasian, Period Costume, A handsome Victorian western man with a great mustache. Great at dancing the waltz. 1 day, Flat Rate: $400 (inclusive of agency fees)

BARBARA - Principal,Female, 60, caucasian, Period Costume, A sweet and lovely Victorian western woman. Great at dancing the waltz. 1 day, Flat Rate: $400 (inclusive of agency fees)

To submit to this casting:

Via Agent - Submit on Casting Networks


Selection Process:

  • You will be selected for a callback based on your photo and any other media you have available.

  • Callback will be done by Zoom this weekend.

Casting ASAP

Thank you!

Katrina Cook

Casting Director

Katz Kasting


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