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Casting YouTuber Brianna: Look-A-Like

Now Casting: YouTube BRIANNA: Look-A-Like (Dallas, TX)

Another Video for YouTuber Brianna - @BriannaYT

This is a casting to find the closest “Look-A-Like” match to Brianna to trick her friends.

Casting Director: Katrina Cook

Katz Kasting

For YouTuber Brianna - @BriannaYT

Production Company: TBNR

Project Name: YouTube spot

Genre: YouTube - Comedy, Reality TV

Distribution: This will be on YouTube on Brianna’s Channel


BRIANNA LOOK-A-LIKE - Female, White, her height is 5'2", Long blonde hair (you can wear a wig if you have one), 20s, slender, see photo.

PAID: $50 Visa Gift Card for a half day.

Producer: TBNR

Filming Dates: Sometime in September TBA, Time TBA during the day.

Filming Location: Dallas Texas

Union Status: Non-Union

Local Hire to Dallas Tx: No expenses paid

To submit to this casting:

To sign up:

Make sure your submission photo matches the photo of Brianna (or you can add a photo of you with a blonde wig)


Selection Process:

  • You will be selected based on your photo and any other media you have available.

Casting ASAP

Thank you!

Katrina Cook

Casting Director

Katz Kasting


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