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Movie Extras in Corsicana

  • NOW CASTING MOVIE EXTRAS // BACKGROUND : FEATURE FILM: "Red Stone" // Corsicana, TX Project Name; Red Stone Production Company: Red Stone LLC Producer: Austin Williams, Jason Starne Director: Derek Presley Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting Project Type: Feature Film


Logline/Brief Synopsis: With one bullet, Motley’s life spirals out of control as he’s forced to go on the run from the ruthless southern crime lord, Jed Haywood. Motley not only witnessed the murder of his brother, but also has possession of a very important Red Ruby that everyone seems to want. Tracking Motley is Boon, Haywood’s best henchman. Boon’s brother has recently passed away in a horrific car accident and today is the funeral. He has 10 hours to bring Motley in and get to the cemetery. Over the course of one day, both Motley and Boon go on a spiritual journey as their fate brings them together for a climatic showdown.

NON-UNION EXTRAS. Direct submissions only!  Film Dates: June 8 - July 1, 2020 Shoot Location: CORSICANA, TX NO EXPENSES PAID. You must live in/around Corsicana, TX and be able to drive to set each day of call. 

COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS: Safety measures will be in place during shooting. You must have not been exposed to anyone with the virus within the past 3 weeks.

FEATURED BG: (2) Boys riding their bike - [ bring your own bike] Male, African american or hispanic, age 10-12, can ride a bicycle, MUST BRING YOUR OWN BIKE & HELMET. Attach photo of you on your bike.  (1) FEATURED: Man playing Chess -  Elderly man in nursing home sitting by him (1) FEATURED: Woman picking her nose - Elderly woman in nursing home sitting alone picking her nose. 

  • BACKGROUND: Diner Patrons - Male or Female, ages 30-60, small town folk, breakfast at a diner, you aren't fancy or stylish, you are an average Joe having breakfast.  Beauticians - Young females working at a small town hair salon with Emily. Age 21-30. You are artsy and stylish, hair is your expression of you.  Motel Patrons - Male or Female, ages 30 - 60 staying at a dump of a motel. Maybe you are there for the night or maybe you live there.  Crime Scene Officers - Male or Female, ages 30 & up. This is a crime scene investigation. Various types of police/investigators. If you have your own uniform, let me know, we might use it! 

  • Nursing Home Residents - Age 70 & up. This is your basic old school nursing home. You have likely been put here because your family can no longer care for you, or maybe you don't have any family. You can't get around too well, some will be sitting in wheel chairs.  Nurses at Nursing Home - Age 25-50. Nurses at the nursing home. Do you have your own scrubs? Let me know! Attach photo if so!  General Background - we may need some general background in other scenes, sign up here if you don't fit one of the other blocks but you want to be an extra.


To sign up online: 1. Create a profile or login to KatzKasting database (top corner of this page/Join or Login)



To sign up via email: (If you do not have a profile in the database) 2. Attach a clear & current photo of you 3. Include your name, age, phone # & where you saw the flyer/posting 4. Watch your email!

If we select you, you will be sent an email to confirm the booking. Check your UPDATES folder if using Gmail! 


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