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PAID EXTRAS "Shelter" Movie /Red Oak, TX

Katz Kasting Casting Notice:  EXTRAS CASTING  (Non-speaking) 

Project Name: Shelter Production Company: CINESTATE Producers: Dallas Sonnier, Amanda Presmyk, Adam Donaghey Writer/Director: Kyle Rankin Local & Extras Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting

Project Type: Feature Film Genre: Drama



LOCAL HIRE ONLY. No expenses are paid.

Reliable transportation required. Travel to / from set is the responsibility of the talent.



Days Needed:  Various days, depending on scene & your availability  Film Dates: Oct 21-Nov 22, 5 weeks Shoot Location: Red Oak, Texas (South of Dallas)


ACCEPTING GENERAL SUBMISSIONS for any available extra role that fits you! I will move you to where I think you fit. Make sure your photo is up to date & your contact info is accurate. General signups will cover all background extras at this time. Can do 1 day or up to 6 days. Those who can do multiple days will be given priority consideration. Please leave a comment that says how many days you can work (1 day, 2 days, multiple days, as needed, flexible schedule, or Any)

I am working on set this movie, so I look forward to meeting many new faces!


- High School Students  age 15-22 that look like a high school student. Various looks & types. You will be assigned a "class" and will work 1-5 days. Easiest way is to tell me all days you can work from Oct 21-Nov 12 (M-F no weekends) & I will book you based on your availability. Featured extras will be bumped up on set as needed and will be selected by the Director.

  • Various High School Scenes - Oct 23, 24

  • Lunchroom - Oct 30-Nov 7 (M-F) Prefer those that can do at least the first 3 days!

  • Music Class, - Oct 25 & Nov 15

  • Algebra Class #2 Oct 22, 25, & Nov 20

  • Chemistry Class, Nov 14 & 15

  • Spanish Class,

  • English Class,

  • Gym class

-  Adults- 

  • Age: 35-60. Parents & Grandparents of high school students  (3 days - Oct 22,23,24)

  • Ages 25 & up drivers in their car at a traffic jam. Using your own car sitting in traffic. Can book 1 day only unless you have 2 different cars you can use. (Oct 29)



We use a digital platform for booking & check-in, therefore, in order to BE BOOKED for Extra work with KatzKasting I need to have your photo /info in the KatzKasting database! It's free to submit to this project, plus by being in the database you have access to sign up for other opportunities with Katz Kasting (both speaking roles & extras).

Please follow the steps below. Please do this now so you won't forget about it!

  1. Go to the site

  2. Select "Join Database" (if you already receive emails from Katz Kasting select "Login") and then "NEW TALENT" (you are not a client!)

  3. Complete a Profile (Required for booking & payment: Photo of YOU, Date of birth, mailing address, phone #)

  4. NEED HELP?? If you have trouble figuring it out, follow this link to view a step by step guide: Katz Kasting Database Help Page (with photos)

  5. It's FREE to create a basic profile & submit to this project.Once the project is completed you may delete your profile & not receive any further casting notices. You can choose to stay & activate your profile to add additional photos, media & your resume. By staying in the database you will continue to receive future opportunities (speaking roles & extras) cast by Katz Kasting all across the USA.

  6. Confirm your email (check your spam folder or gmail "updates" tab if you can't find the confirmation email) This ensures you are going to receive booking emails from KatzKasting

  7. Login & find EVENTS (if you can't find it, view this page: )

  8. Open Event: SHELTER Featured (or) Background Extras

  9. Select "CONFIRM" for all roles you fit (read the descriptions before you confirm, reject those you don't fit!)

  10. WATCH YOUR EMAILS. You could be booked anytime from now to Nov 22.

  11. The DATE on the event is the start date of the movie, the actual date for your particular booking is TBD, sometime between Oct 21-Nov 22.

  12. You will be notified as soon as I get a confirmed schedule.

  13. You may check the online event page for more info at any time, or if you think you missed an email. All emails will be listed in your "messages" page.


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