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Katz Kasting Casting Notice: Local Casting (Texas Hire)

Project Name; The Seventh Day Production Company: CINESTATE Producer:Dallas Sonnier, Amanda Presmyk, Adam Donaghey, Kimberly Hwang, Chelsea Davenpor Director: Justin P. Lange

Local (Texas) Casting Director: Katrina Cook Katz Kasting

Project Type: Feature Film Genre: Exorcism /Thriller

Start of PP: January 27, 2020

LOGLINE: A renowned exorcist teams up with a rookie exorcist for his first day of training. As they plunge deeper into hell on earth, the lines between good and evil blur, and their own demons emerge.

We’re calling it TRAINING DAY meets THE EXORCIST.

Justin P. Lange is a screenwriter and director with an MFA in film directing from the Columbia University Graduate Film Program. THE DARK, Justin's critically-acclaimed and award-winning feature film debut as writer/director, had its world premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

ATTACHED: Guy Pearce is playing "Father Peter"

Union Status: SAG-AFTRA LOW BUDGET Paid: $630 day / $2190 week Shoot Location: Dallas, TX (vicinity/surrounding area)

Contract: Local Dallas TX Hire. Self-report to set each day of call. Travel/Lodging/Per Diems: Not Included.


  • [FATHER DANIEL GARCIA] Male, 25-31, Hispanic or Latino, pure of heart, with the best of intentions, Father Daniel is a neophyte exorcist, someone who volunteered to be an exorcist because he desperately wanted to be in the fight against a rapidly spreading evil...even if he’s scared out of his wits. He’s no born warrior, but it’s through the trials and tribulations of his first day of on-the-job training with the veteran exorcist Father Peter that Daniel learns his true mettle as a defender of good....LEAD

  • [GEORGE] Male, 23-35, open-ethnicity, homeless and living on the streets after losing his home and business during Katrina. He waits for Helen, a social worker, to receive his daily food, unaware that she is possessed by the devil....SUPPORTING

  • [SECRETARY] Female, 55-70, open-ethnicity, a kind and conservative woman who works as secretary to the Archbishop and sees many nervous candidates walk through her office. She consoles Father Daniel, telling him that her nephew did a similar training and it went well. She gives him his phone number....SUPPORTING

  • [CARSON] Male, 12, African American, heavy-set, a friend of Charlie Giroux’s before the tragedy. Now he just wants to hang with his friends at the arcade, but is hounded by police and journalists asking about Charlie. He grudgingly agrees to talk to Father Daniel, and shows him the basement where they played with a Ouija board. Father Daniel blacks out and the spirits take over, seriously freaking out Carson and his buddies.....SUPPORTING

  • [JAZZY] Female, 12, Latino, foul-mouthed with a swagger and right at home hanging with the guys. Jazzy (short for Jasmine) is one of the three kids who was friends with Charlie Giroux before the murder of his family. She spends her time at the arcade and it shows, as she’s quite skilled at the games. She escorts Father Daniel to the basement where they all played with the Ouija board.....SUPPORTING

  • [AARON] Male, 12, African American, bespectacled, he’s one of the three friends of Charlie’s before the murder of the Giroux family. He hangs at the arcade with Jazzy and Carson, and is quick to point fingers, rather than take blame....SUPPORTING

  • [NICOLAS] Male, 10, taking place in the mid 90’s, this character opens the film as a boy possessed by the devil and whose parents call upon Father Louis and a young Father Peter to exorcise him. He’s vile and blasphemous, taunting the holy men and eventually killing Father Louis.....SUPPORTING

  • [MRS. MILLER] Female, 35-45, open-ethnicity, distraught and hysterical, she’s the mother of Nicolas, the little boy possessed in our opening scene (which takes place in the mid 90’s). She forgot to remove her jewelry and it’s because of this misstep that the spirit is able to kill Father Louis using the crucifix on her necklace....SUPPORTING

  • [MR. MILLER] Male, 35-45, open-ethnicity, the anguished father of Nicolas, the little boy possessed in our opening scene (which takes place in the mid 90’s). He is desperate to save his son, who is exhibiting hard-to-watch symptoms of possession, like burning skin. He pleads with the exorcists to do something.....SUPPORTING

  • [YOUNG FATHER PETER] Male, 25-31, Caucasian, in a scene opening the movie, we watch the beginnings of exorcist Father Peter, in a defining moment of his life, as his mentor is violently killed by a demonic spirit taking residency in the body of a ten-year-old child. Nervous and naive to the evil prevalent in this world, he’s shocked and traumatized. This actor must look uncannily like a young Guy Pearce (circa LA CONFIDENTIAL) as he is playing the younger version of his character.....SUPPORTING

  • [OFFICER] Female, 30-45, open-ethnicity, a security officer at a juvenile detention center who allows Father Daniel to visit Charlie, who is incarcerated there awaiting trial. When the demonic spirit inhabits Charlie and he attacks father Daniel, the officer makes sure Daniel doesn’t want to press charges before escorting him out.....SUPPORTING

  • [ADMINISTATOR] Female, 40-55, open-ethnicity, a stern woman in a suit who is in charge of the juvenile detention center which holds Charlie Giroux. She does not want to allow him the visitation of Father Daniel and Father Peter, but reluctantly, she allows it.....SUPPORTING

  • [MRS. GIROUX aka MOTHER] 35-45, Charlie’s mean-spirited, probably racist, and angry mother, who berates Charlie nightly and turns a blind eye to abuse. When possessed by a demonic spirit, Charlie murders her in the middle of the night....SUPPORTING

  • [MR. GIROUX aka FATHER] 35-45, unloving and emotionally not available, he allows his wife to berate and verbally abuse Charlie. Charlie murders him while possessed by a demonic spirit.....SUPPORTING

  • [NELLIE GIROUX ] Charlie's sister, female, age 15, mean-spirited and following in the steps of her angry mother. She belittles Charlie. Charlie murders her while possessed by a demonic spirit.....SUPPORTING

  • [FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST] Male, 40-60. Interviews Charlie at the Juvenile Detention Center. Speaks in hushed, reassuring tones in an attempt to connect with Charlie and get him to open up. He is unsuccessful in his intervention and gets a first hand encounter with the demonic spirit that has possessed Charlie. ... SUPPORTING

  • [DANIEL] - Male, 12, hispanic, young Father Daniel. Runs into Sherman at the swimming hole, joins in with his friends who thinks it's funny to splash water on Sherman and hold him under water. One of Father Daniel's regrets that haunts him to this day. Must be a proficient swimmer, and be comfortable in and around water for the scene. ...... SUPPORTING

  • [SHERMAN] - Male, 12, seeking an actor to portray a special needs boy who gets bullied by a group of boys at a swimming hole. Must be a proficient swimmer, can hold your breath underwater a reasonable amount of time, and be comfortable in and around water for the scene. ...... SUPPORTING

  • [BOY #1] Male, 12 years old, friend of Daniel. Thinks it's funny to bully Sherman in the Swimming hole. Must be a proficient swimmer, and be comfortable in and around water for the scene. ...... SUPPORTING

  • [PRIEST] Male, 40-55, comforts Young Peter who's getting in with the wrong crowd. He sits a little too close and makes us uncomfortable.

  • [FATHER DUNLEAVY] Male, 35-45, the Secretary's nephew who went through the exorcist training previously. He's a little unhinged and arouses suspicion from Father Daniel.


If you fit one of the above characters and wish to audition with KatzKasting, please follow the directions below:

How to Submit: To be seen right away Submit via one of the following casting sites!

1. Agents - BDS or CN

2. Self Submissions - KatzKasting database ( > Join Database > New Talent) , Actors Access or Casting Networks

EMAIL: Email submissions will be reviewed if we think we need more options for a certain role. Due to the volume of emails received on a daily basis, we will only respond if we need to request a video audition from you.

subject "Submission: The Seventh Day"

must include

1. Your name + Headshot & Resume

2. Your contact info & Agency Info

3. Role of Interest

4. If you do not reside in Dallas TX you must explain how you can work as a local Dallas hire.


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