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KatzKasting Summer Classes & Consultations 2022

PRIVATE SESSIONS: (One on One/Online, 1 hour, you pick the day)

GROUP SESSIONS: 1 hour online class -specifically scheduled dates

STARTING JULY 5, 2022 ** Sign up Now!

Class 1: GETTING STARTED: FINDING WORK. INTRO CLASS that covers the basics of getting started. ONE HOUR CLASS. Includes: First steps, finding work, making submissions, being professional, being an extra, being on set, getting bumped up, Do's & Don'ts and much more!! Write down your questions for the Q&A at end of class.

Class 2: GETTING STARTED: Moving Beyond Extra Work Intro class that covers the basics of moving beyond extra work, and booking speaking roles. Includes: finding auditions, making submissions, finding acting teachers/classes/coaches, actors tool kit.

Class 3: GETTING STARTED: AUDITION SKILLS & TECHNIQUES Intro class that covers the basics of auditioning. ONE HOUR CLASS. Includes: Preparing, wardrobe, being professional, what to expect, in person auditions, cold reading, callbacks, follow ups and much more!! Write down your questions for the Q&A at end of class.

CLASS 4: The Video Audition SELF-TAPE. Video auditions are very popular, and I request videos on every project I cast speaking roles. Whether you want to get it done professionally or Do-It-Yourself, this class will help you be prepared, and make a professional submission that is competitive with all the other video auditions we will receive. Learn the tips you need to do-it-yourself, while keeping your submission professional. Purpose, Preparing, Filming, Sending ... the basics of the Virtual (Video) Audition.

CLASS 5 Headshots, Resumes, Cover letters - answers all your questions about these things and your "Actors Tool Kit". This is also a time where you can show me your portfolio and ask for headshot selection advice. Learn how to format and update your resume and pointers to help yourself stand out from the crowd. (in a good way)

Aren't available for the scheduled dates? All 5 classes will be recorded, you can purchase the recorded classes via the same links, just let me know that you will not be watching live.

INDIVIDUAL (PRIVATE) SESSIONS: 30 minute private (1-1) online session - on a day that works for both of us.

CLASS 6: Booking the SAG Audition. - Taking it to the next level, and booking auditions for SAG-AFTRA (union) films. What's the difference in booking an audition for an indie film vs a union film? What we look for, and expect from you. Includes: Taft Hartleys, SAG audition, Joining SAG, and more. Private Class: $50 (30 minutes/1 time)

CLASS 7: Inside the Casting Room - What goes on behind the closed doors? Tips & Secrets about things that effect our decisions, and an overview of how the casting process really works. It's not all about you. Private Class: $50 (30 minutes/1 time)

CLASS 8: Troubleshooting. -Not booking the audition? Not booking the callback? Not booking the role? This class covers some common things that could cause you to be eliminated from consideration, including both those things that are within your control, and those that are NOT.Private Class: $50 (30 minutes/1 time)

CLASS 9: After you book the role - What happens after you book that coveted speaking role? Includes what to expect from us, what we expect from you, who is your point of contact, Table Reads, and the basic Paperwork: Deal Memos, Contracts, Releases, Call sheets, and other paperwork you need to know how to read before you arrive on set. Private Class: $50 (30 minutes/1 time)

CLASS 10: Working as a LOCAL HIRE - What does it mean when it says "LOCAL HIRE?" This class will discuss the in's & outs of working outside your home market. Including what "local hire," "modified local hire" and "Texas Hire Only" means, how they are different, and how it affects you.Private Class: $50 (30 minutes/1 time)

See all available resources:

Why isn't this free? If you want free advice you can google, ask your friends, ask fellow actors, ask your agent, or ask your acting coach (which is not really free either), but if you want professional guidance from someone who is on the deciding end of the spectrum, not sitting in the same spot that you are -- then that information is proprietary, and it's not free.


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